A video art work

Videoteos siitä miten valokuvat, värit ja musiikki alkavat hiljaisuudesta A video art work how the photographs and the music all begins from silence Both english and finnish texts Hiljaisuudessa asuu rauha Hiljaisuudessa asuu rauha videoteos on tehty yhteistyössä, taideterapeuttiopettajan, Pop Rock Jazz musiikkikoulun, äänimaljojen sekä  värivalokuvien yhteisenä toteutuksena Värit, kuvat ja äänet yhdessä luovat elämyksellisenContinue reading “A video art work”

Enjoy full width photos

Nauvo, icy road – Snow on the road – Southermost point in Tenerife – Hazy view from my terrace – Storm in the harbour, Airisto – Tenerife view to La Gomera – Airisto yötaivas – Meri on mustaa – Viima on hyytävää – Uppsala Fyriså, Leica III f kino film camera, this photograph is takenContinue reading “Enjoy full width photos”

Fine Art Flower Photography

Flowers presented as they are, bright and full of life. Bringing joy to our lives and highlight the significant moments. We all need a burst of colour and joy when the life seems meaningless. Days of happiness is back with the flowers of art.

InternetCafe Photo Exhibition

InternetCafe  Photo Exhibition in Turku Hansa Shopping Center I had a very nice experience with a photo exhibition in social media. It all started with an Art Night in Turku. There were three photographers Janne Gröning, me (Jukka Pohjola) and a young photographer Laura Illarietti who had a Photo Show in an Internet Cafe inContinue reading “InternetCafe Photo Exhibition”

Fine Art: Frosty Sea – Atlantic limestone cliffs – Sea changes to Land

These photo works are mainly from the winter 2012. Winter was quite hard and long although the ice was very thin, because of the snow that came early. Pack Ice Airisto is from photo exhibition power of Color 2001. Pack Ice Airisto was one of the most liked pictures of the exhibition and was soldContinue reading “Fine Art: Frosty Sea – Atlantic limestone cliffs – Sea changes to Land”

Fine Art: Coastal gardens – Sea – Archipelago of Turku – Bold scenery

These tree works are from my late period working with high-speed Kodak films 800 – 1600 ASA. My affection to granular results with low light conditions is seen clearly in these works. Print work was done to heavyweight art canvas. I made these Photographs in year 2000  to Power of Color photo exhibition.

Power of Color – Auran Galleria 2001

One decade 1988 – 1999 my interests to the photography was the boundary,  where the water meets the land.  The junction reflects its colours, water, land and sky.  You discover such tranquility which you only find in mountain areas and deep forests.  Your eyes rest in the landscapes and the photos have less tension. RiversContinue reading “Power of Color – Auran Galleria 2001”