M/y Silkkiuikku Euroopan vanhoilla vesireiteillä, Part 1.

  Photo Journey Part 1. From Basel to Wiesbaden (Südliche Weinstrasse) Mahtava Rhein virtaa

Voyager of the Seas from Turku to Miami

One decade of great ship building in Turku Finland.  The Voyager of the Seas was first ship of the series of great ocean liners built in Turku 1999.  Allure of the Seas ended the series of the great ocean liners built in Turku 2011. Voyager of the Seas Allure of the Seas Slide show photosContinue reading “Voyager of the Seas from Turku to Miami”

Coastal Gardens

Gardens that are dear to me,  most likely situated on coastal areas.  Not necessary direct on shoreline but representing the presence of the salt seawater or the soft water of the lakes and the rivers.  The flora and the fauna of the areas can be seen  in  the photos.  Mother nature makes us a fireworkContinue reading “Coastal Gardens”