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Photo Journeys – Atlantic Navigator

Boating with S/y Naneux, Sea explorations mostly with my own yacht S/y Naneux, alias Atlantic Navigator Year 1988 we bought S/y Naneux, a small family cruiser. The same year I stopped race sailing with my captain Make. We studied and explored the archipelago of South-West Finland for almost ten years. Our sailing trips wentContinue reading “Photo Journeys – Atlantic Navigator”

Leica T

NEW CAMERA AND LENSES THAT I GOT IN JUNE 2019 LeicaT2 and 50 mm Ernst Leitz Summar f 1:2 Leica Super Vario Elmar TL, 11-23 mm Half a year I survived with my Huawei Pro 20 phone camera. I still had my Nikon at home . I also made one trip to the Canaries whereContinue reading “Leica T”

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