Sweet sunsets and the exitement of the night sky

Hazy sunset

A Gallery of Photographs

Sunsets are the most beloved moments in our lives, blue moments even more precious and very short moment of our awareness. Powerful colours affect our emotions strongly. Sun’s orange reflection from ice blocks can have a warming effect. Winter sunsets are mostly colourless, greyish color absorbs the yellow. In the evening yellow and orange colours turn bluish and the landscape is full of excitement and waiting for the unexpected.

Huge sunset, Nikon D700 with Celestron 1000 mm
August skies are threatening above us, Leica T
Sunset – Leica T – Ernst Leitzt Summar 5 cm
Blue moment, Leica T
Icy blocks in golden glare, Nikon D700 with Celestron 1000 mm
Sunset in January already with bluish colours, Leica T
Ice and snow covers the sea, sun disappears in grey colours, Leica T
Sunset in Harlingen, this is warm, LG with Leica lens
Atlantic sun is going down, Nikon 300

Sailing XPequod in The archipelago of Turku

This is the second year we have the old Peter Norlin racing boat in the sea. While Covid-19 was howling around the globe, I managed to rebuild this classic racing machine here in the archipelago of Turku, near by my home at the neigbourg yard. The boat S/y X Pequod is made under the class rules of Albin Express, if we happen to race sail the yacht some day. The whole boat is made as simple as possible and very light. The outboard engine is trouble free but a pain in the ass to handle the manouvres in the harbour. 6 hp engine is good choice and there is also reserve power. Maybe an electric power choice? I have made a very light electric panel and a wiring system with two AGM batteries. 88 amps total power for the log and cabin lights plus running lights.

X Pequod waiting for the crew

The interior works and Cushions where finished summer 2021. The new pentry was installed with a seacock for water outlet. We try to avoid a water tank and use a canister to bring the water aboard. Fore cabin got round skylight in the hatch. Two diesel tanks where also installed in aft compartment.

One big job was to throw away the old pentry and replace it with a new smaller pentry module just behind the mast in the front cabin. Glasses, cups and plates on shelves in the main bulkhead. Single gasol burner stowe and a sink to wash coffee cups.

Let’s go sailing

Hoisting the sails

Summer means fun for all of us, moderate winds, stormy winds and some days with no wind at all. But always with the best crew. Very easy and very well balanced boat to sail. Powerfull in head winds.

To the water in June

The short season for the old retired skipper and a retired racing boat S/y X Pequod

The harbour is empty waiting for the winter storms. Skipper is moving to South.

Waiting for the Summer

All photographs are taken with a cellphone camera

Beach sauna by the sea side with attracting scenery summer 2021

Taking care of our Casa Marina

The Roof  of our old beach sauna needed attention and care. Old bricks out of clay on the roof had given up and something had to be done. The old roof material was not ideal for this windy place, with a lot of pine trees. It was a big mess under the roofing bricks. Lot of moss and needles of pine trees where underneath the roofing bricks. Two layers of good quality roofing felt made with traditional way is going to be the new roof type. This is how it’s going to be!

We also took the opportunity to convert the sixty year old sauna to today´s standards. I like to plan carefully a reparation project so that I also get something new with the same effort. Not just to make things as they used to be. The beach sauna is very old and it is made of more than a hundred years old stocks that are hand carved. The timber and the design is unique. One must be careful with every change you make so that it fits the old looks and ideas of that beautiful old beach sauna.

Winter time
More than a thousand words

We had to construct a working platform in order to reach the roof from underneath. The beach house is situated on the cliffs and over the sea. I had a master plan that we make new beams for the terrace long enough to support our working platform. Now we can use a standard aluminium working platform with wheels. We can easily move the working platform and nearly “walk on the water”. What is the best part is that we get a new and wider terrace with the same time. Better and more safe also.

For the construction of the working “platform” ie. terrace we use impregnated timber on the new beams. The  removal of the old  constructions underneath the terrace planks was bigger job than to build the whole new terrace flooring. We attach new beams to the existing  girders that lay on the big bearer across the whole house width. The big bearer is anchored to the cliff with concrete posts.

Building the working platform with an extension was a genial idea

Now we can reach to the heights, nearly over the sea

Laying the new roofing felt with grey colour, that brings together the surrounding nature and the building itself. We have a strong advise to use premium quality roofing felt from our master roof maker. He also recommended painted steel railing edges to lead the water away from the wooden constructions. Both the gabel ends and the roof ends are now sheltered from the water. We have a team of three builders, master roof maker, young power and a senior member, that tries to deliver goods up on the roof. We must admit, we used a steel horse also to get the job done effectively.

The master roofmaker took very srickt concern of the fire protection that is essential under the whole roof project. We had two separate water pipe systems down to the beach sauna and at least ten big fire extinguishers. The work proceeded without any hazards. Now we have two layers of premium grade roofing felt glued with fire torchp, to the roof and with each other.  Good old method but a bit hazardous with the open fire.

The sea looks calm today

Chimney, a project totally of its own The old chimney was surveyed and the upper brick layers where totally loose. The old copper plates at the root of the chimney made a good shelter to the chimney itself and the briks where as new under the copper plates. Good for us! Let´s go to the work, we still have the small payloader to take the scrap down and mortar and new tiles up.

The heavy metal musician brick layer and the senior concrete boat builder found directly common interests on the subject. Many thoughts arouse of burning the limestone in Portland, England and also here in Parainen. Parainen has one of the biggest open pit mines for lime stone in Europe. Portland 5 is the concept and “the mother of all the cement inventions” . It took us one long day to get the job done, this time no laser nor the alining line was needed. Only level. The two cement professionals where devoted to the work.

Laying new bricks with old type mortar

A lot Construction details had to be solved in this project. Bad parts had to be cut off. Tar on the joinery of the big bearer and beams, tar also on the edge of the wooden roof area. Many bolted joints and wood joining works.  High altitude working space needs safe working platform which had to be secured to the flooring beams. A good old finnish “pipo” warming up your head on a cold and windy day.

The terrace railing is to be made out of glass. Glass is not spoiling the looks of an old beach sauna, and it is inconspicuous from the sea. Glasses need some strong stainless steel stanchions, that we order from Germany. The terrace railing is going to get a lot salty spray on it and it needs to be  made out of rust free materials. It is to be seen, who cleans the glasses. Though it will not be a big problem, we hope. At least you can wipe the glasses clean from the terrace, avoiding the cliffs that are dangerously slippery on early spring and rainy autumn days.

Bold sceneries are under our constant notice in this working place. The skies vary here all day long, different every morning and night. You can´t say our working place is dark and dull. Here a few highlights.

Huge and artistic sunsets
Hazy clouds also occurred this summer
Good and necessary work on our Beach Sauna

Enjoy full width photos

Nauvo, icy road – Snow on the road – Southermost point in Tenerife – Hazy view from my terrace – Storm in the harbour, Airisto – Tenerife view to La Gomera – Airisto yötaivas – Meri on mustaa – Viima on hyytävää – Uppsala Fyriså, Leica III f kino film camera, this photograph is taken with Kodak diapositive kinofilm, with Ernstz Leizt Wetzlar 50mm 1:2 – Korpo rannikkometsä – The Horizon with winter sky – Fin Del Mundo, Faro Des Eclaireurs

Nauvo, icy road
Snow on the road
Southermost point in Tenerife
Hazy view from my terrace
Storm in the harbour Stormälö
Tenerife view to La Gomera
Airisto yötaivas
Meri on mustaa
Viima on hyytävää
Uppsala Fyriså, Leica IIIf film camera – Ernstz Leizt Wetzlar 50mm 1:2
Korpo rannikkometsä
The Horizon with winter sky
Fin Del Mundo, Faro Des Eclaireurs

Atlantic Navigator Photo Cavalcade – the Journeys

Boating with S/y Naneux, http://purjehduskaphornille.bogspot.fi

Sea explorations mostly with my own yacht S/y Naneux, alias Atlantic Navigator

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is naneux-miehistc3b6-1999.jpg
From our first big Journey to Friesland

Year 1988 we bought S/y Naneux, a small family cruiser. The same year I stopped race sailing with my captain Make. We studied and explored the archipelago of South-West Finland for almost ten years. Our sailing trips went all along Swedish coast to the archipelago of Denmark and to the inland waterways through Sweden. The yacht Naneux was remodelled quite a lot when we returned to Finland. The hull lenght was increased with 85 cm in the waterline, Transom and the leaving edge now is better. The mast was changed to a bigger one and of course new sails. A lot minor changes where made.

Year 1999 we sailed to the North Sea to Lauersoog in Dutch Friesland, where we had our boat for three years. We explored a lot interesting places in the ” Wadden eilanden”. The tidal area in Friesland North of Holland is amazing. We once more sailed back to Finland 2003. This time I had a brake with my sailing due to my wife´s illness and I also changed my business strategies totally. Year 2013 I built S/y Naneux for Atlantic crossing. The yacht went through a major construction changes in hull and deck. We got more new sails. Running rigging was changed and of course all electrical systems where modernized. The yacht was ready for a new adventure.

Sy Naneux leaves Airisto

Stormälö – Nazare in Portugal

Sy Naneux having a break in Laxe, Finisterre
Sundowner in Baltic Sea
Sy Naneux at Las Palmas
Sy Naneux Atlantic Navigator, Photograph taken by our friend Ulf Olsson

Leica T Camera

NEW CAMERA AND LENSES THAT I GOT IN JUNE 2019 Quite new camera body of Leica and one old superior quality Ernst Leitz 50 mm lens

Colour reproduction is really great with these Ernst Leitz lenses. Here you can enjoy the deep colours of the sundown and the vital colours in the Gomera mountain area.

LeicaT and old Ernst Leizt Wezlar 5cm f 2
Leica T and Super Vario Elmar TL 11-23 mm

LeicaT2 and 50 mm Ernst Leitz Summar f 1:2

Leica Super Vario Elmar TL, 11-23 mm

Half a year I survived with my Huawei Pro 20 phone camera. I still had my Nikon at home . I also made one trip to the Canaries where I only used my phone camera. A service trip to my boat. I even tried an Olympus Pen something, but for me it was a disapoinment. Finally in June I got my new street camera. Leica T and my new wide angle lens Leica Elmar aspherical zoom 11 – 23 mm. I also got an adapter ring from Kipon to my fathers old Summar 50 mm 1:2, Ernst Leiz Weztlar lens. With this set of camera and these two lenses I’m trying to get good results. The perfect optical abilities and excellent colour reproduction of these two lenses help me with the photos I want to produce. I photographed wery little with my heavy Nikon equipment this year.

This new and compact camera is fun to work with. Only the lens options are very limited and you can not use the full range of Ernst Leitzt lenses.


Looking over Airisto on early summer day
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is l1020360.jpg
I have to go outside to take a photograph of this scenery
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is l1020368.jpg
This is the view and extremely nice colours
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is l1020375.jpg
The night falls and gives us a complete peace in our minds
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is leica-maisema-elokuu.-leiz-summar-50mm.jpg
Airisto – Blue moment
Clouds are hanging above Airisto

La Gomera

North coast of La Gomera, Playa Hermigua
Villages at North coast of La Gomera
La Garajonay
Miradora del Abrante la Garajonay
Miradora del Abrante, glassbottom wiew place
Restaurant at the top
Gomera mountains
Ancient Lauri Silva forests
Ancient Lauri Silva woods at Gomera
The most spectacular rock
Rogue de Agando

San Sebastian de La Gomera

San Sebastian de la Gomera
Central park at San Sebastian de la Gomera

Tenerife – South West Coast

Puerto Del Sur
Las Galletas, Tide is running in
Boulevard in Las Galletas

Recent Photographs taken with my trusted friend Nikon d700 and extreme tele lenses 600-1000 mm

These 3 photographs are here to make this album live. You see that wide angle photos accomplishes nicely with photos taken with tele lenses.

Archipelago spring ice blocks in sunset
Storm is howling in Airisto, spring time
This is my island in the sun

Recent Leica T Photographs this spring

This photographic album proves that my little Leica T works well with these two lenses. The new wide angle Super Vario Elmar is sharp and despite the somewhat lesser f value 3,5 – 4,5 is also satisfactory. The colour reproduction is Ernst Leitzt quality. My old 50 mm Summar with Kippon ring is working well or superb as I like to say. In bright sunlight it is a bit hard to adjust it manually with only the lcd screen. Maybe I get used to that, this old lens reproduces perfect and deep colours. The Super Vario Elmar 11 – 23 mm TL lens it is quite a fast lens that works also when shooting from a moving vehicle. The cropped cell of LeicaT is very well balanced and produces good quality pictures with vivid colours even in normal Mode.

One thing I still want when aiming is an ocular. I’ve used Nikon’s mirror reflex cameras for almost all my life and there you are looking at the “real life”. This LeicaT lcd display is bad in strong sun light and during the darkest hours. The camera has its limitations when it is set in manual mode and when having an old manual lens.

This is my old Leica body from years behind.

I started my photo engagement with this Leica camera and photographed quite a lot in my student time in Uppsala.

Jukka Pohjola

Food Cafe Vanilla

Corporate media photography

Kaffe sanos Turkulaine!

Monenlaista hyvää syötävää Cafe Vanillasta Maariankadulla, Turussa, Puutorilla. Suodatinkahvia, Espressoa, Lattea, tai vaikka pehmeä Cafe Au lait.

Kokoustila ja kahvila palveluita. Työtiloja, Coworking tiloja, lyhyt tai pikäaikaiseen käyttöön. Iso koulutustila alakerrassa, joka taipuu moneen. Tilassa laajakangas projisointi vaikka elokuvalle.


Kahvilan lisäksi Kipinä Yritystalossa on montaa erilaista toimintaa.

Cafe Vanilla ottaa kokousvarauksia ja järjestää erilaisia tilaisuuksia, messuja ym. kokoustiloissaan

Maariankatu 2, Turku, Kipinä Yritystalossa on monia terveyteen liittyviä yrityksiä ja palveluita. Kattava määrä muita mielenkiintoisia toimintoja ja työtä tarjoavia yrityksiä.

Worker Varsinais-suomi Turun toimipiste, laadukasta henkilöstövuokrausta. Wellnes Kartano kauneussalonki, TP-kynsistudio. Seurakunnan kokoustila ja viimeisin tulokas on kännykkä korjaamo Uphone. Lisäksi monta muuta. Useat yritykset ovat toimineet jo vuodesta 2017, jolloin Kipinä Yritystalo avasi ovensa ensimmäisen kerran.


All of the photographs in this article are copyright protected by Jukka Pohjola. Usage of these photographs must have a permission of the author: jukka.pohjola@gmail.com


Year 2020 my photos during the lock down year. A year with a lot of new things to do

This year is going to change the world’s economy and the behavior of the citizens all over the world

This is my year in a photo collague

We want to go on with our lives in where we live, travel is restricted in many ways. Holiday Resorts, Luxury Cruisers, Sporting Events and Concerts are all closed. Shops are still open because state officials do not want to close ewerything in our communities. We must look positive at our chances to do things in our own life, houses, boats, gardens etx.

There has been quite a lot photographs that I have taken year 2020, though I usually take photos when I travel. New normal can be very active this way. The photo subjects are only different.

Starting the works early in our archipelago house this spring. To begin with in the early spring, we are making a platform, a boatyard for our various boats around the neigborhood. Spring was perfect timing for this, it is nice to work when it’s not so warm, heavy work with the dirt and stones. It makes you sweat. We get this area ready in one or two weeks and start to move boats over here.

New trailer for S/y XPequod

Gardening at my archipelago house

Gardening at my home was a number one job when the summer came.

This year gardening must be done properly, totally new flower benches and paths. We are lucky to have our workhorse “Antti” Alias Avant to carry dirt, gravel and stones. A huge work but we got it done just in time before midsummer party. The Poppy’s opened as usual for midsummer to celebrate with us “the Grand Parilla”. This time fish and vegetables accompanied with some sausages, we are in Finland though.

Fine weather in our midsummer “Grand Parilla” Viljami got his first big catch to put on the pan for steaking. Summer solstice lights up the sky

These photographs are from my terrace on midsummer day. Summer solstice is the beautiful sky.

Purple midsummer sky
One night in the balcony with a glas of wine. The heath is tangible

Heavy construction works on the beach line

The beach started to wash away because of the eruption caused by the waves and storms. The storms occure more often, also in summer months here in Airisto.

Sy Xpequod gets also ready and set the sails this summer. A long time project for me

Big ships have made their voyages under my controlling eye here in Airisto

Meyer Turku shipyard is constantly building huge ships to cruising companies, like Costa Crocerie, TUI Cruises and Carnival Cruise Line. The shipyard is under heavy pressure, becuse of Corona virus that cuts the amount of cruising passengers totally to zero. Luxury cruiser Europa 2 visited also Turku This summer. Military vessels and cargo vessels of various kind passes here every day.

The life under the pink sky

All kinds of photographic subjects go sneeking aroud in this active year of building things

Excellent cuisine and fine dinners all year around – Finishing the building of Sy Xpequod, a Norlin daysailer for us – Sailing trips with good friends for a long time here in the Nordic waters – I started to collect photos to make some books instaed of a photo exhibition – October stroll with my cellphone camera by the river of Aura, where I met this old Symbiosis statue made by our friend Stefan Lindström. We got our boats name graved on it for a good purpose – SY Naneux Alias #atlanticnavigator is also present – A candle for our beloved ones on the cliff of Casa Marina – Our solar power plant has now worked a full year around producing green energy

My books for sale

I decided not to collect my photos to make an exhibition this year. But to make some Photo Books instaed.

Three sets of books for sale:

  • Heeling photographs, my artistic view – Sunset moments of your life
  • Sea stories of our sailing adventure from Airisto to Macaronesian islands vol.1. – The Sea
  • As ships go by – A book of vessels and yachts that passes my eyes here in Airisto and elsewhere, containing also the skills and materials of yacht building.
Purchase these books or find more info at

Lock down 2020 work out possibilities with XPequod sailing boat

Some activities done with an old project to get my Express sailing boat refurbished. Designed by Peter Norlin. The job had been started in earlier years with the hull repairs and new keel stocks etc. This year was excellent timing for the rest of the job. I could not travel to the Canaries where I have my sailing yacht. Something can still be done when the Corona virus is howling around the globe. Gardening works had been done already in the spring time and real estate business was also slowed down because of the disease. So let’s get sailing in the home waters!

Sy Xpequod is the new name of Sy Pequod. Beautifull lines by Peter Norlin racer from the past times

Earlier stages of Sy xPequod’s refurbishing works

This summer was The great lock down – time for interior works and the deck finishing works


I had removed all the plywood except the main bulkhead. The old and heavy pentry had to go. New pentry is going to be a module with a sink and an Origo gasol burner. The cups are hanging on main bulkhead. The pentry is situated on Starboard side in front cabin. The Wallas heater is on Port side, mounted on the bulkhead. The rest of the front cabin bunks are going to be sail bin and for various sailing gear. Main cabin is with two sofas / bunks and a smaller removable coffee table. One extra bunk is under the cockpit seats. It was quite easy job, laquering the parts in my house and quite simple attaching work.

Putting her into the water – new name – daysailing this summer

Xpequod after the short but fun sailing season this summer. Hoisted on the hard with new “wheels” under the boat. Beautiful lines and a minimum wetted area.
Summer at it’s end, but still beautiful and warm weather

Good cake and food advertisement photos on a Coffee shop

Corporate media photography

POS advertisement is essential for various businesses like Coffee shops

Simple as it can be. Photo of sizzling hot pancaces made for you!

Hot and cold drinks on your cafe

Essential elements for your food advertisements are photos of the food

A delicious picture is more than a thousand words

The colour profile is utmost important, the Style of an add and the Foods change but the photos are there. The photo of the food itself must be clear and tempting.

we all need food Catering on special occasions


A good camera equipment is needed to create good food photographs. Today lightning arrangements can be made digitally. The best shots need knowledge of the food you are taking the photo. Good knowledge of the photography and lightning are essential for a good result