My personal contribution to the ecological threaths

some new uppdates summer 2019

Solar panels have been chosen and the installations of a solar power plant of 9500 kWh is under construction late autumn 2019

Please go to: JPconstruction pa

J Pohjola Construction

Minun sijoitukseni ympäristöuhkiin, ilmaston lämpenemiseen, vesien saastumiseen sekä ihmisten pienempään kulutukseen henkilökohtaisela tasolla.

  • Olemme perheenä siirtyneet ekologisempaan lämmitysmuotoon ja leikanneet lähes puolet sähkönkulutuksestamme jo vuonna 2007 / 2008.
  • Lämmitämme aurinkoenergialla huhtikuusta – syyskuuhun lähes koko lämpimän veden tarpeen. 2007 – 2016.
  • Poltamme talvikuukausina sahateollisuuden jätteestä  valmistettua pellettiä, jolla lämmitämme talomme.
  • jätevesijärjestelmän muuttaminen ekologisemmaksi. Käsittelemme jätevetemme  3 – osaisessa käsittelylaitoksessa.
  • Vaihdoimme automme vahäkulutuksisiin pikkuautoihin.
  • Valaistusta olemme pyrkineet vaihtamaan ekologiseen suuntaan 12v halogeeneihin ja uusiin led valoihin
  • Istutamme osan kasviksista ja kompostoimme oman multamme.

Haluaisin lähivuosina siirtyä tuottamaan osan käyttämääni sähköä itse omalla tontillamme.

Minua harmittaa maatalouden käyttämättömät heinäpaalit, joita näen koko Varsinais-Suomen alueella. Haluaisin löytää niille hyötykäyttöä.

Haluaisin löytää ratkaisun muovisissa elintarvikepakkauksissa käytettyihin menetelmiin.

Waste water treatment and our Bio reactor

Ecological heating systems

Plants grown on our own greenhouses

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Some new shots with my new Leica T and Leica Super Vario Elmar

My new Leica T camera is a second hand buy, reasonable priced and with a nice camera interphase. Not many buttons! It also has a Wifi connection direct to my phone or to my laptop like my old Nikon 700 studio outfit has. Some new learning processes needed for an older photographer. Quite nice and handy to operate with.

New lens for Leica T. I did not choose Leica T kit lens Leica 18-56 mm. It has too low aperture for normal lens and I have used those angles quite a lot. I also have the Nikkor 50 mm. 1:1,2. A magnifiicient lens fot the night owl. So I chose according to the photographers previews. My recent shots are often landscape scenery or town wievs. The super wide angle Vario Elmar TL 11-23 mm lens suits me good although the aperture 1: 3,5 – 4,5 is not so good, so I have to grab my stative. My Sigma 15 mm 1:2,8 lens for my Nikon 700 is with better aperture, but a bit too much a fish eye lens for me. I have to cut often away from the edges. I looked through the photos of other photographers and liked what I saw taken with Leica TL Super Elmar 11-23mm.

I took my first photo throuhg my telescopes rubber eye ring so that I could go through the Leica interphase . Later this week I got my Super wide angle Elmar lens. some test shooting will follow.

Portrait of my collaque with this wide angle lens and the wifi arrangement . Quite good result. Next Photo from my terrrace Airisto sunset with some crop of the sea, taken with 100 ASA . I waited till the sun was down. Now we have to look at a new angle to my photographs. Often a change with a camera and a new lens brings something new!

Choosing a new street camera. The reason why I look through my best travel photos!

Here I have nearly a hundred photos, / 50 of them are with Nikon and Nikkor lenses, /40 are with Fuji X Pro1 and Fuji 35mm / 1:1,4 lens. / 7 fotos are with cellphone LG G4. Cellphone photos can not be enlarged a lot but they still are within an average quality standards. Do not try to get good landscape photos with a cellphone camera. I lost my Fuji X Pro1, sad. My new street camera will be a Leica T with a selection of Ernst Leitz optics.

I chose this camera because of it’s size and the quality Leica represents to me. I have photographed a lot with a Leica film camera. I have especially one 50 mm Summar lens, that I want to use. It is more than 50 years old but it’s optics and the whole lens are hand made Ernst Leitz quality. For seaside photos I still have my old Nikon 700 which also tolerate some drops of water. Nikon D 700 is a solid camera that never fails. But remember to have your memory card in the slot, it does not have any memory of it’s own.

My cellphone gets better every 3 years, when I buy a new one. Today it is Huawei Pro 20, with 3 Leica lenses, a super camera as a cellphone.

When the shooting situation is optimal you can also crop and enlarge cell phone photos.

Design management at Kipinä business park

  • Design
  • Colours
  • Functionality
  • Ideas
  • photos

The essential elements in design for Kipinä business park atmosphere is to mirror the high quality business ideas used and planned in Kipinä yritystalo premises.

Colours – forms – materials – spacial elements – interior design – business ideas

Coworking space at Kipinä yritystalo

Year 2018 – almost a whole year with my LG, G 4 phone. The only camera.

The most beautifull year 2018

Winter 2018 was mild. Ice period only lasted two months or so.

This year was busy with a lot of building work in our premises in Turku in Kipinä yritystalo.

I had several trips to the archipelago of Turku to vitsit Eva. February at last we saw the sunshine in the Canaries. A short maintenance trip to our sailing yacht .

Spring was almost there when we came back. Warm days and a lot of sunshine. Ice melted faster than it came.

Åland islands scenery appear fragile in the Moring mist in the month of aprill.

Rödhamn, Åland islands

Pics of the year 2018

The summer trips aroud the Åland islands is somehing that you just can’t forget. Summer 2018 was exeptionally warm. The best of the summer days were there. We enjoyed the warm summer moments

Mist above Casa Marina

Airisto seen from Casa Marina as beautiful as you can see during the lazy summer days.

A sailing contest in Turku and the archipelago. Airisto Classic regatta brought a lot of the classic sailing yachts to Airisto.

Mein Shiff 2 left the yard Meyer Werff in Turku. Compass buoy check in Airisto.

Mein Shiff 2

Beautiful landscape colours on the country roads in the autumn.

Stormälö fields

Late winter days came at last.

This year I took almost all my photos with LG L 4 mobile phone camera. Mein Shiff 2 and Baltic Classic masters sailing contest is photographed with my old Nikon 700 and Tamron 300 ED, F 2,8 lens.

Many thank´s for your time of watching the 2018 gallery

Some wide angle photographs of the beaches and harbors

Some of the photographs are taken with the Fuji X Pro wide angle program, some faults occur. Other photographs are with my Nikon 700 and the new Sigma 15mm fisheye lens.

These photos are from my recent trips in Europe.


Early morning – Atlantic fishing village

First Morning sun rays and the sea mist starts a new morning for us. Morning stroll in the sand and the smell of fresh fish from the fishing vessels. It could not be better. You have been resting from the past days sailing work and an exciting day is starting for the whole crew.

We are somewhere in Galichia and heading to the Finisterré with sunshine and perfect wind for southward sailing.  Cooking fresh Cafe du Lait with our french skipper aboard. We all like this beautiful fishing village by the Atlantic Ocean.

It was also interesting to calculate the tide properly in order to go asleep, because we tied loose to the fishing pier as the fishermen do. The sun played a colorful game in the windows next morning.

It was also a well scheduled visit because the fishing vessels needed refueling. We stood in the way. Off we go!

Screen saver Photos

Screen saver photos that I´ve been using as background photos adding the text on the top. Photos have been used in an Internet cafe chain called Cybercafe. Mostly photos are 1280 x 1024 pix. This format is today a bit old but still usable when creating web pages.

Please use them when in need. There are four season in the photos.

Some photos are taken by my sister Maarit Pohjola and my friend Pertti Pöllä.


violetti-kukka vihreat-lehdet


vene-kevat-2010 valkoinen-amaryllis tyopoyta-joulu-2007 tyopoyta-joulu-1280x1024


traffic-2 tiput-jaalautalla-1280x1024 tipu-takaa-2010 the-river taysikuu-aamulla-vuosi-2009-ret taysikuu-aamulla-vuosi-2009 talvinen-tyopoyta_1000x707 talvinen-kallio talvikuva-saaristosta syyskesan-kukkia syksyn-lehtia-puissa-1280x1024 syksyiset-kivet-1280x1024




syksyinen-merimaisema-1280x1024 surffers surffer surffer-couple surffer-boy surf-ride snowscooter-on-ice snowscooter-on-ice-sepia







skies sininen-kedon-kukka silja-line-2010 silja-aamuusvassa-1280x1024 sieni-1280x1024 rauhallinen-kesamaisema rantakalliot rannikkovartiosto-partioi-1280x1024 puuvene-kevatkesa-2010

punainen-taivaanranta1280x1024 punainen-amaryllis poro-jouluna-2004 pilkkikaverit pilkkikaverit-sepia orkidea-2 orkidea-2010 orhisaari-2010 orchids-2-1280-x-1024 orchids-1280-x-1024 mausoleumi


malva-kesalla-2010 maiseman-jatko-2010 luz-rantaa-osas lumpeenkukka lummelampi lummeallas lumiset-oksat lokki-lahdossa lehtia-syksylla-1280x1024 lauersmeer-1280x1028


kynttilat kuuukko-kevatkesa-2010 kuu-2010-kevat kukkia-vastavaloon-aamulla

kukkia-kevat kukkia-kevat-2t kukkia-2010_1 kivettymia-ja-simpukoita kirsikkatomaatit1280x1024 kevatkukkia kevat-2010


kesamaisema1 kaupungintalo-talvella-2010 kaunis-jaala-1280x1024 karpassieniperhe-1280x1024 karpassienet-1280x1024 kanttarelli-1280x1024 kantosienet-1280x1024 kalliot-atlanttia-vasten-1280x1028 kala-ja-heinat-1280x1024 jungle jouluporo joulu-2009 itapoiju-1280x1024 ice-and-stone-1280-x-1024 hyacint huuruiset-heinat huuruiset-heinat-1280x1024 huurteiset-oksat2010 hiekkaharjun-kukkia hento-talvinen-heina happy-fish-1280x1024 flamingo fish-and-grass-1280x1024 finnlines-1280x1024 enkeleita-venin-ylla cyberspace_2_1280x1024 cyberspace-1280x1024

auringonlasku auringonlasku-venin-ylla auringonlasku-kevat-2010 auringonlasku-kesapaivan-seisaus aurasilta-2010 aurajoki-tammikuu-2010


appelsiinipuu ampiaispesa-1280x1024 alus-lastauksessa-1280x1024 albatrossi aita-ja-kukka aalto aalto-murtuu 07012008213 2009-traffic-1280-x-1024 2009-kesa-tyopoyta_1_1280x1024 2009-kesa-tyopoyta_3_-1280x1024



Banner photos of the Sea

First of May publication!

Banner photographs of the Sea

Lands End in Portugal  –  Finnish icy islet, Airisto  –  Arrifana bay, Atlantic coastline Portugal  –  Dutch sand banks, Friesland  –  Funchal, Madeira  –  La Palma, Macronesian Islands  –  Kökar, An Island in the sun, Åland Archipelago  –  Banco Coral Patch, Atlantic Ocean

Feel free to use these banners in your pages. Keep me informed with a e-mail to

The icy winter period 2016 was very short

The sea was very warm in the autumn and the ice came middle of January. Before the beginning of February it was all over and done with. Now the first week of February it has been some nice spring feelings already. The ice melted as fast as it came, the last weeks winter  storm blew the floating ice flakes away.

Now we wait for the spring. There will be cold periods but the neck of the winter is broken!

Year 2015 – A year of antithesis

Storm sun comes up the next morning.jpg
Sy Clary.jpg


This year was a year of many contrast in my life. My photographs this year in April – June are mostly from the Atlantic Ocean and of Macaronesian Islands. Winter period in january – february I made some trips in Turku archipelago resulting some beautiful seascapes.

The rest of the year has passed with various construction projects with less photographic values. I will publish some shots later on from this period. I changed to cellphone cameras in my documentary photography. So I’m not so keen to put these photos in front of the public.

Our sailing friend Ulf Olsson immortalised our Atlantic navigator ( S/y Naneux ) in the coastal waters of Madeira.

I have also brought back some photographs of earlier years that are related to the subject.

January 2015 we had light installations in Helsinki The “Egg” is from the City Luze Show.

My friend Pive Toivonen held her magnificent art show in Suomenlinna, Helsinki in February 2015. I was there and had an opportunity to take a few shots from the Art show.

Pive´s book, Atlantin viemää of  the sailing trip with S/y Andromeda around the Atlantic islands was published in this event.

Here I have included a beach art work of my daughter Kati which was made in St. Malo 2014.  She made these visual art works out of stones sticks and sea weed or whatever materials she could find in the nature.

My work “Miami Bridge” from Power of Color Photo show in Turku 2001 accompanied with The pier in Porto Santo.

Sy Clary in the waves.jpgScenery from Airisto and Kökar.

Some photographs also from my sailing trips and some photos of the Atlantic Navigator.

In the beginning 3 photos of the Atlantic sailing with a Olle Enderline 32′ boat S/y Clary. This lovely couple Ulf and Pia from Kiiruna Yacht Club served us an ice cold beer after a rough sailing from Lagos to Porto Santo. We had the most unforgettable nights in Porto Santo and Funchal harbors.

Three lighthouses of great importance to me; Suomenlinna church in Viapori, Helsinki in February 2015. This lighthouse guided me as a young boy when sailing with dinghies in coastal waters of Helsinki.

South Foreland Lighthouse on the cliffs near Dover. It was the first lit lighthouse by the electric power in Europe.

Torre De Hercules in A Coruna which is the first lighthouse in the world. Here seen behind big swell when approaching A Coruna during the night hours.

The lighthouse in Christiansö, The island is so small that it was hard to find by dead reckoning and by the times when we did not have the modern electronic navigational aids.

Three photographs of the Canary islands. Teide, Tenerife and Santa Cruz De La Palma harbor and it’s entrance in the island of La Palma.


Macaronesian Islands in the Atlantic Ocean

Macaronesian islands.jpg Macaronesian islands in the Atlantic ocean are volcanic and high in altitude. The peaks reach easily to 2000 meters and over.

The island’s West of Gibraltar as Greeks called them.

All islands have almost the same vegetation, only seen here in the Macaronesia. The Portuguese islands (Azores and Madeira) are cooler and more humid, but even the Northernmost archipelago, Azores is warm due to the Golf stream. Subtropical Laurel forests with evergreen wide leafs can be seen in Azores, Madeira and also in Canaries. The Laurel forests appear from 400 – 1200 meters of altitude. The humidity concentrates and comes down the slopes by various paths.

In Madeira portuguese have built genial Levadas to transport water from the hills to the vegetation on lower slopes. Same kind of vegetation is present also in humid forests of Monchique in Southern Portugal and even in Riff mountains in Morocco.

UNESCO World Heritage Committee has named the Laurisilva (Laurel) forests in the World Heritage List in Madeira.

Many trade routes pass these harbors in Macaronesia,  – Porto Santo, Vila Baleira –  Madeira, Funchal, – Palma, Santa Cruz de La Palma – Sao Vicente, Mindelo. All these islands have been of a great importance to the ships passing from Europe to the New World. Horta in Azores is a must for transatlantic yachtsmen and sailors.

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