Power of Color – Auran Galleria 2001

One decade 1988 – 1999 my interests to the photography was the boundary,  where the water meets the land.  The junction reflects its colours, water, land and sky. 

You discover such tranquility which you only find in mountain areas and deep forests.  Your eyes rest in the landscapes and the photos have less tension.

Sunset at Mont St Michel, France

Rivers and waterways cut up cultures trough history, buildings and architecture are genuine.  Buildings act as monuments of their own time. Buildings reflect the task and the forefathers that used to live in them.  The form and the variations of the materials fascinates me. The colour of the clays and bricks in the walls have always been typical to the area itself.

Boats in the harbours belong as a natural part in this environment.

POWER OF COLOR  photo exhibition:

water and land meets

Intersection of water and cultures

Water and vessels

I invite you to look at the pictures of the Power of Color photo exhibition on a Slide Show.  The real exhibition consisted of my pictures from the years 1989 – 1999.  On the exhibition there were also my fathers portraits of the Finish movie stars and actors of Suomen Filmiteollisuus Oy. The exhibition took place year 2001,  at Auran Galleria, Turku

Your Photo journey begins from the Baltic Sea.  South towards the central europe coastline and inline waterways.  The journey continues through Gibraltar to the Mediterranean Sea across the Atlantic ocean  to “Terra Nuevo” and to South America  inline waterways.

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Coastal Gardens

Nature forms its own garden

Gardens that are dear to me,  most likely situated on coastal areas.  Not necessary direct on shoreline but representing the presence of the salt seawater or the soft water of the lakes and the rivers.  The flora and the fauna of the areas can be seen  in  the photos.

 Mother nature makes us a firework with the most splendid colours from flowers and vegetation.  But also the dirt itself comes with the variety of luscious forms of the deltas or littlest of ground on limestone cliffs.

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