Fine Art: Frosty Sea – Atlantic limestone cliffs – Sea changes to Land

Frosty island, Airisto
Sea smoke around a  sea mark
Pack ice, Airisto
Ice in the spring time
Last signs of winter

These photo works are mainly from the winter 2012. Winter was quite hard and long although the ice was very thin, because of the snow that came early. Pack Ice Airisto is from photo exhibition power of Color 2001. Pack Ice Airisto was one of the most liked pictures of the exhibition and was sold most.

Last signs of winter is from the year 2010. These pictures show well the scenery of Airisto which is well sheltered with the surrounding islands.

Capo St Vincent through sea smoke
Lands End on a clear weather
The lighthouse of St. Vincent, Lands End. The famous sailing school of Prince Henry the Navigator is located in the Fortress.
Capo St. Vincent Lighthouse at the end of the world
Rocks at Capo St Vincent

These works are photographed in the southernmost corner of Portugal. The massive limestone is tangible just here. You are standing against the wind and can feel the roar from the limestone tunnels that are formed during the past years.

Photographs are from the years 2008 – 2011.

Fragile morning light
Lauersmeer, sea reed
Water disappears, Waddenzee
Durum wheat on a modern urban cultivation
Chicago grey eminence, sea changes to a city of rock

These works are from my old motive, how sea changes to deltas and to more cultivated areas and finally direct to massive cities situated directly by the sea. Most Photographs are from Power of Color photo exhibition.

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