Atlantic Navigator – Year 2015 – A year of antithesis

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This year was a year of many contrast in my life. My photographs this year in April – June are mostly from the Atlantic Ocean and of Macaronesian Islands. Winter period in january – february I made some trips in Turku archipelago resulting some beautiful seascapes.

The rest of the year has passed with various construction projects with less photographic values. I will publish some shots later on from this period. I changed to cellphone cameras in my documentary photography. So I’m not so keen to put these photos in front of the public.

Our sailing friend Ulf Olsson immortalised our Atlantic navigator ( S/y Naneux ) in the coastal waters of Madeira.

I have also brought back some photographs of earlier years that are related to the subject.

January 2015 we had light installations in Helsinki The “Egg” is from the City Luze Show.

My friend Pive Toivonen held her magnificent art show in Suomenlinna, Helsinki in February 2015. I was there and had an opportunity to take a few shots from the Art show.

Pive´s book, Atlantin viemää of  the sailing trip with S/y Andromeda around the Atlantic islands was published in this event.

Here I have included a beach art work of my daughter Kati which was made in St. Malo 2014.  She made these visual art works out of stones sticks and sea weed or whatever materials she could find in the nature.

My work “Miami Bridge” from Power of Color Photo show in Turku 2001 accompanied with The pier in Porto Santo.

Sy Clary in the waves.jpgScenery from Airisto and Kökar.

Some photographs also from my sailing trips and some photos of the Atlantic Navigator.

In the beginning 3 photos of the Atlantic sailing with a Olle Enderline 32′ boat S/y Clary. This lovely couple Ulf and Pia from Kiiruna Yacht Club served us an ice cold beer after a rough sailing from Lagos to Porto Santo. We had the most unforgettable nights in Porto Santo and Funchal harbors.

Three lighthouses of great importance to me; Suomenlinna church in Viapori, Helsinki in February 2015. This lighthouse guided me as a young boy when sailing with dinghies in coastal waters of Helsinki.

South Foreland Lighthouse on the cliffs near Dover. It was the first lit lighthouse by the electric power in Europe.

Torre De Hercules in A Coruna which is the first lighthouse in the world. Here seen behind big swell when approaching A Coruna during the night hours.

The lighthouse in Christiansö, The island is so small that it was hard to find by dead reckoning and by the times when we did not have the modern electronic navigational aids.

Three photographs of the Canary islands. Teide, Tenerife and Santa Cruz De La Palma harbor and it’s entrance in the island of La Palma.

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