Atlantic Navigator – The Journey

Sailing Atlantic Navigator from Turku archipelago to the Canaries

Lähtö Airistolta
My sisters photo: S/y Naneux leaving Airisto

We set the sails in the archipelago of Turku 22.07.2014. Sailing from Airisto which have been our home port for the beginning of S/y Naneux sailing eara. The crew has varied during our sailing trips, the skipper and the first mate have always been the same Eva. This time Eva is staying home and I´ll have to choose a new first mate.

My daughter is following my trip to Spain or portugal and is considering the Atlantic crossing as a challenge to herself. Time will tell.

The first lady
My daughter Kati

Our Yacht is finished and ready for the great adventure. The last weeks of June and beginnig of July where a big hazzle if you are looking as an organized person.

To make something happen always means some kind of a timetable. We just followed that rule to get along with the Journey.

This is our power supply on the sea when sailing

Miehistö päivällisellä kotona
The crew and the people who helped me build the dream

Visby saapuminen yöllä
My daughter Kati, my most precious crew member

Captain and his mate
Me, The Skipper

The gallery consists of photographs of our journey through Baltic Sea, The North Sea, the Manche and bay of Biscay.

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