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I mostly photograph sea and landscapes. This is my window sight to Airisto, in the archipelago of Turku. The sea is in constant change with colours, atmosphere and ships

Costa Smeralda was built 2020 in Meyer Turku shipyard. Many of our times huge Cruise ships are built in Perno shipyards in Turku and are passing my window

My photos to you

Photo J Pohjola

Photographer – from Stormälö, Airisto – Jukka Pohjola – a second generation photographer

My equipment: Nikon D700 and various Nikkor, Tamron and Sigma lenses. Nikkor 50mm 1:1,2 manual lens, Nikkor 105mm f 1:1,2 D, Nikkor 180 mm 1:2,8, Sigma EXDG 15 mm 1:2,8, Tamron 300 mm ED tele

New approach

Leica T and Ernst Leitz lenses. Leica TL Super-Vario-Elmar 11-23 mm ASPH 1:3,5 – 4,5, Ernst Leitz Wetzlar 5cm 1:2 manual

My photographic interest is to create harmonic and beautiful landscape and sea front photos. My passion for photography has inspired me since a young boy. My father gave me the first impressions of professional photography and I laid my hands to premium rollfilm cameras like Linhof Technika. I also inherited my first camera Leica III f. Many years I used that little Leica camera and learned creative old school photography.

Leica T is a fascinating new camera body that I can couple my fathers old Ernst Leitz Wezlar lenses. Hand made masterpieces.

I have recently made a video artwork with my photographs together with a first class color therapist combined with sound of bowls and with classic guitar and a piano

Voyager of the Seas – maiden voyage
Voyager of the Seas – maiden voyage
Stormälö, Airisto – The Sky

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This blog is a mix of my Sea Side Photos, Landscapes, Photo Journeys and my life in the Archipelago of Turku. Ships, Voyages and my Sailing trips around Europe. Four seasons is represented clearly in my photographs. Food, Flowers and Art specials!

My photo Art books:

Sunset moments of your life, the most beautifull and shortest moments of your life, sunsets, sunrises and the blue moments

57,00 €

The Sea, first of the three sovereign books of the Sea. Our journey with Atlantic Navigator from Airisto to Breton. Through Baltic Sea and Kiel Canal to Dover in England. Crossing once again the Channel to Cherbourg and rounding the Channel Islands with final destination, Brest in France.

45,00 €

As Ships Go By, two decades of shipbuilding in Turku. Iron the material itself. Iron is the soul of a modern ship. Wm Crichton & Co started shipbuilding in Aura River 1874.

42,00 €

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