Atlantic Navigator – up she rises for extra services 2023

First stage: underwater treatment

Up she rises again
Nice and huge Beneteau amblem
Our wiev on the hard, some more yachts on service
Hempels special underwater coating preventing osmosis
Keel: first severe grinding, + epoxy paint International VC tar 2+ epoxy spackel + Hempels osmosis preventing paint
The same treatment on whole underwater area

More Hempels paint
Keel and hull on Port – side
Grounding plate for electronics cleaned
Rudder also serviced

Port – side rudder

A lot of special paints and materials to get the job done: fiberglass – polyester resin – epoxy resin – epoxy putty, Hempel´s Yacht pro filler 35379 – Vc Tar2 epoxy paint – Hempel´s underwater primer 26030 preventing osmosis – Hempel´s antifouling paint, red

A video art work

Videoteos siitä miten valokuvat, värit ja musiikki alkavat hiljaisuudesta

A video art work how the photographs and the music all begins from silence

Both english and finnish texts

Hiljaisuudessa asuu rauha videoteos on tehty yhteistyössä, taideterapeuttiopettajan, Pop Rock Jazz musiikkikoulun, äänimaljojen sekä  värivalokuvien yhteisenä toteutuksena

Värit, kuvat ja äänet yhdessä luovat elämyksellisen kokonaisuuden, jota nyt hiljennymme  kuuntelemaan ja katselemaan. Teos kestää kaksikymmentä minuuttia ja se näyttää sinulle täyden spektrin värejä, kuulet kitaran, pianon sekä äänimaljojen pehmeitä ääniä


“Hiljaisuudessa asuu rauha” video art work is made with the cooperation of an art teacher, Pop Rock Jazz music school, Singing bowls and a photographer

Colours, photographs and sounds brings you  a memorable wholeness. We are quieten to listen to the sounds and watch the pictures in front of us. The art work duration is twenty minutes and it shows you the full spectr of colours. You will hear the sound of a quitar, a piano and the smooth sound of singing bowls

Nojaa taaksepäin ja nauti tästä usean yksilön loistavasta teoksesta ja sen toteutuksesta


Lean comfortably to your seat and enjoy of this magnificent art work which is made to you by several artists

Play Hiljaisuus video artwork
The artists

Kiitämme kaikki, kun olet katsonut ja kuunnellut Hiljaisuudessa asuu rauha videoteoksen. Toivomme että se antaa sinulle uusia ja värikkäitä näköaloja ja elämänlaatua tulevien haasteiden täyttämässä elämässä


We all thank you for watching and listening “Hiljaisuudessa asuu rauha” video art work. We are sure that it will bring you new colourful views and quality of life for the future challenges

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Making a new Café

Better Café, Deli, Shop

Better Cafe

1.9.22 there was a new exiting Cafe opening in our premises Kipinä yritystalo. The new name is Better Café, Deli, Shop

The culinary taste is based on Italian fresh and delicious food coffee and pastries


We have our beautiful barista Jovita who makes Italian food taste so good, fresh salads antipasto, Italian type meat, Salmon and of course Panini bread. Eero taking care of the customers and selling Italian specialities from the shelves, here in Better Café

Their motto is to make everything Better

Italian Veronesi Coffee with all its various forms, strong espresso rich and tasty milk foam and different ingredients if ordered

We do it Better Cafe, Deli, Shop

We are all exited of our new baby born, Better Café, Deli, Shop. We have good people around us wanting to make the best out of it. Turku has now an exquisite Italian food restaurant. Coffee time is memorable, pastries direct from heaven and food is something you have to taste!

All of the photographs in this article are copyright protected by Jukka Pohjola. Usage of these photographs must have a permission of the author:

Atlantic Navigator alias S/y Naneux service works in Tenerife 2022

First, second and third service trip in 2022

This is the full story with picture, what can happen and how to manage with people and corrections of the wrong made decisions

Learn of the whole process and make strickt rules for the working staff, because you are paying the whole alot

S/y Naneux service and repairing her underwater body at the Marina Yard

Up till now everything looked and sounded Ok in emails. After the good work something went totally wrong in finishing this great task? Marina drydock should never allow this kind of mistakes to happen. Persons having less skill took hand of the boat and motored her back to our Box. They bumped against something. Scraped the hull and broke stanchions on Port side.

Engine seacock was closed and the burned rubber pieces filled the cooling system . All portlights and toilet seacocks left open against all the insurance rules. Sliding door on bridge deck was left fully open. Three portlights in the cabins left open for the rainwater to flow in.

Here you can see the results of total neglecting the fine service work. Lots of damages with the rainwater and broken stanchions feet. Rost on essential parts. Flat batteries etc. Lots of trouble for a small mistakes.

Now the first repair trip after the bottom renovation. It was a total shock when arriving to the boat

Repairs on that trip

New provisory lock to the main passageway door on bridge deck. New original lock is ordered from France. Repairing the damages of burglary. New battery and new charging cables to the pier. New fenders as replacements for the damaged ones

Lots of damages due to the open portlights. Rain water had entered in many places. Dirt was everywhere. Nav instruments where also damaged due to water entering the cable inlets and junction boxes.

Engine had been started with the seacock closed, impeller rubber and other particles had blogged the exhaust elbow. New elbow has been ordered from Volvo.

Aft cabin interior textiles are totally removed and are waiting for replacements. A lot of trouble and costs caused of total carelessness in finishing the service works.

We hope the service work of the bottom of S/y Naneux is properly done.

The repair works of the hull itself are done good, we hope so. Then somebody ruins the whole work. I do not know why the main entrance is totally open, three seacocks are left also open. Rain water comes in from the open portlights and makes damages. The engine has been started with closed valve causing blockage of the exhaust elbow. The lock in the main entrance is broken and the Volvo engine key has vanished?

We have made complaints of the matters that has happened to S/y Naneux. The Marina has not yet answered anything to us. Let see what happens.

After the first trip we leave our precious yacht Naneux. Cleaning has been done thoroughly and the boat looks partially Ok

Today, the third repair trip in September 2022 Today knowing a lot more what happened.

We know now. After discussing with the harbour office and to the mechanic who is partly responsible. The boat had collided with another when moved back to the box. Two stanchions had been bent and the feet broke. A big scrape on port side of the hull. 

Someone had been forcing his way into the boat, living and and causing a big mess.

We made a contract with the Marina and with the mechanic. The Marina hoists S/y Naneux once more on the hard and we have 10 days of payed work time to repair the damages. All the parts we bought to the damages is payed by us and we try to agree the matter with the insurance company. 

This is how S/y Naneux looks after the third service trip. Now much better almost ready for the Atlantic . We still change the shrouds on next service trip and polish the hull. And of course study the bottom, new antifouling, etc.

Toilet section is checked one more time for good working order. The toilet seat is lifted above water line with an oak wood piece. New Jabsco pump works perfect. The sewage water goes to septic tank or direct out to the ocean.

The coal / fiberglass bowsprit gets a new navy blue coating.

Teak parts on deck are sanded and oiled with Teak oil. RST fittings are polished.

More works inside the hull. New Varta batteries in 2022. Checking all electronics for proper work in the future.

Checking the electronic chart systems and sailing computers etc. Some new cables to interior lightning. New exhaust elbow is installed to Volvo engine. A new water pump for sewage water in our pantry sink´s. New cables to the 12 V solar panel charging system.

NKE micro sailing computer is still not working. We bring replacement in our next trip.

First of all totally new locks on bridge deck. Again a lot of tools needed and help by professionals.

The boat Atlantic Navigator is one step nearer the sea

Heavy weather harnesses are ready
Sail bin is also ready

We still had a few moments to enjoy the Canarian warmth and good meals on the beach

S/y Naneux master is thanking for your kind attention according to boat maintenance

Boat hull cleaning In Tenerife Three stages 2022 – 2023

Atlantic Navigator made better

Taking out the old deck caulking and putting new rubber stripes, finally some teak oil
A lot rubber scape came with the works
Finished cockpit works
Hard work needs heathy food

This is January 2023, we are finally going up to the yard for promised repair corrections! First some of our own works on deck and cockpit

This blog was a ghost blog but now a new try.

Now it seems to be working and also with a android phone. Be sure to download the pictures in advance to the media

Gourmet dinners in Casa Marina and on the dinette of our boat Atlantic Navigator

I got sad of Word Press new “on the go” publishing system, also meant for Android phones and tabs. The simple Story post publishing just won’t work, bad and sad.

It’s not so nice to have your laptop on your knees all the time in order to post simple feelings to your friends. Now I make a post with the traditional way because new methods fail.

Easter dinner for two. Crown Roast made in Römer Topf, slowly cooked with 160 degrees temperature, warm veggies and roasted peppers with homemade mashed potatoes. Good red wine with crispy water from our well. Accompanied with a shot of Lone star Finnish vodka. Lamb has always been our favourite dinner

For our indepence day we made an old traditional Karelian menu “Karelian Hot pot”. Meat stew again slowly cooked in the clay pot and vegetables. Champagne and good wine.

Some specialities in the Beach Sauna when bathing for X-mas festivities

Dinette of S/y Naneux, alias Atlantic Navigator. Many gourmet dinners in Tenerife.

Gourmet X – mas dinner with crispy salad

Healthy breakfasts with homemade toast and country eggs. Lambrusco in the sun.

Tapas on the road in Canaries is always an unforgettable meal and a cold jarra of beer

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