Gourmet dinners in Casa Marina and on the dinette of Atlantic Navigator

I got sad of Word Press new “on the go” publishing system, also meant for Android phones and tabs. The simple Story post publishing just won’t work, bad and sad.

It’s not so nice to have your laptop on your knees all the time in order to post simple feelings to your friends. Now I make a post with the traditional way because new methods fail.

Easter dinner for two. Crown Roast made in Römer Topf, slowly cooked with 160 degrees temperature, warm veggies and roasted peppers with homemade mashed potatoes. Good red wine with crispy water from our well. Accompanied with a shot of Lone star Finnish vodka. Lamb has always been our favourite dinner

For our indepence day we made an old traditional Karelian menu “Karelian Hot pot”. Meat stew again slowly cooked in the clay pot and vegetables. Champagne and good wine.

Some specialities in the Beach Sauna when bathing for X-mas festivities

Dinette of S/y Naneux, alias Atlantic Navigator. Many gourmet dinners in Tenerife.

Gourmet X – mas dinner with crispy salad

Healthy breakfasts with homemade toast and country eggs. Lambrusco in the sun.

Tapas on the road in Canaries is always an unforgettable meal and a cold jarra of beer

Sweet sunsets and the exitement of the night sky

Hazy sunset

A Gallery of Photographs

Sunsets are the most beloved moments in our lives, blue moments even more precious and very short moment of our awareness. Powerful colours affect our emotions strongly. Sun’s orange reflection from ice blocks can have a warming effect. Winter sunsets are mostly colourless, greyish color absorbs the yellow. In the evening yellow and orange colours turn bluish and the landscape is full of excitement and waiting for the unexpected.

Huge sunset, Nikon D700 with Celestron 1000 mm
August skies are threatening above us, Leica T
Sunset – Leica T – Ernst Leitzt Summar 5 cm
Blue moment, Leica T
Icy blocks in golden glare, Nikon D700 with Celestron 1000 mm
Sunset in January already with bluish colours, Leica T
Ice and snow covers the sea, sun disappears in grey colours, Leica T
Sunset in Harlingen, this is warm, LG with Leica lens
Atlantic sun is going down, Nikon 300

Sailing X Pequod in The archipelago

This is the second year we have the old Peter Norlin racing boat in the sea. While Covid-19 was howling around the globe, I managed to rebuild this classic racing machine here in the archipelago of Turku, near by my home at the neigbourg yard. The boat S/y X Pequod is made under the class rules of Albin Express, if we happen to race sail the yacht some day. The whole boat is made as simple as possible and very light. The outboard engine is trouble free but a pain in the ass to handle the manouvres in the harbour. 6 hp engine is good choice and there is also reserve power. Maybe an electric power choice? I have made a very light electric panel and a wiring system with two AGM batteries. 88 amps total power for the log and cabin lights plus running lights.

X Pequod waiting for the crew

The interior works and Cushions where finished summer 2021. The new pentry was installed with a seacock for water outlet. We try to avoid a water tank and use a canister to bring the water aboard. Fore cabin got round skylight in the hatch. Two diesel tanks where also installed in aft compartment.

One big job was to throw away the old pentry and replace it with a new smaller pentry module just behind the mast in the front cabin. Glasses, cups and plates on shelves in the main bulkhead. Single gasol burner stowe and a sink to wash coffee cups.

Let’s go sailing

Hoisting the sails

Summer means fun for all of us, moderate winds, stormy winds and some days with no wind at all. But always with the best crew. Very easy and very well balanced boat to sail. Powerfull in head winds.

To the water in June

The short season for the old retired skipper and a retired racing boat S/y X Pequod

The harbour is empty waiting for the winter storms. Skipper is moving to South.

Waiting for the Summer

All photographs are taken with a cellphone camera

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