Year 2020 my photos during the lock down year

This year is going to change the world’s economy and the behavior of the citizens all over the world

This is my year in a photo collague
Great thing is that in 2020 we have had time to be with our families, work with our hobbies, houses and gardens. Hardware stores had an extremely good year in 2020.

We want to go on with our lives in where we live, travel is restricted in many ways. Holiday Resorts, Luxury Cruisers, Sporting Events and Concerts are all closed. Shops are still open because state officials do not want to close ewerything in our communities. We must look positive at our chances to do things in our own life, houses, boats, gardens etx.

There has been quite a lot photographs that I have taken in 2020, though I usully take photos when I travel. New normal can be very active this way. The photo subjecs are only different.

Starting the works early in our archipelago house this spring. To begin with in the early spring, we are making a platform, a boatyard for our various boats around the neigborhood. Spring was perfect timing for this, it is nice to work when it’s not so warm, heavy work with the dirt and stones. It makes you sweat. We get this area ready in one or two weeks and start to move boats over here.

New trailer for S/y XPequod

Gardening at the archipelago house

Gardening at my home was a number one job when the summer came.

This year gardening must be done properly, totally new flower benches and paths. We are lucky to have our workhorse “Antti” Alias Avant to carry dirt, gravel and stones. A huge work but we got it done just in time before midsummer party. The Poppy’s opened as usual for midsummer to celebrate with us “the Grand Parilla”. This time fish and vegetables accompanied with some sausages, we are in Finland though.

Fine weather in our midsummer “Grand Parilla” Viljami got his first big catch to put on the pan for steaking. Summer solstice lights up the sky

Purple midsummer sky
One night in the balcony with a glas of wine. The heath is tangible

Heavy construction works on the beach line

The beach started to wash away because of the eruption caused by the waves and storms. The storms occure more often, also in summer months here in Airisto.

Sy Xpequod gets also ready and set the sails this summer. A long time project for me

Big ships have made their voyages under my controlling eye here in Airisto

Meyer Turku shipyard is constantly building huge ships to cruising companies, like Costa Crocerie, TUI Cruises and Carnival Cruise Line. The shipyard is under heavy pressure, becuse of Corona virus that cuts the amount of cruising passengers totally to zero. Luxury cruiser Europa 2 visited also Turku This summer. Military vessels and cargo vessels of various kind passes here every day.

The life under the pink sky

All kinds of photographic subjects go sneeking aroud in this active year of building things

Good cuisine and dinners all year aroud. – Finishing the building of Sy Pequod, a Norlin daysailer for us. – Sailing trips with good friends for a long time here in the Nordic waters. – I started to collect photos to make some books instaed of a photo exhibition. – Stroll with my cellphone camera by the river of Aura in late autumn, where I met this old Symbiosis statue made by our friend Stefan Lindström, we got uur boats name on it for a good purpose. SY Naneux Alias #atlanticnavigator is also present. – A candle for our beloved ones in the cliff of Airisto. – Our solar power plant has now worked a full year around producing green energy.

Books for sale

I decided not to collect my photos to make an exhibition this year. But to make some Photo Books instaed.

Three sets of books:

  • Heeling photographs of some artistic values –
  • Sea stories of our sailing adventure from Airisto to Macaronesian islands
  • As ships go by, a book of vessels and yachts that passes my eyes here in Airisto and elsewhere, containing the skills and materials of yacht building.
Purchase or find more info of these books

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