About me

Portrait of the skipper

Photographer; Jukka Pohjola

Hi, I am retired from the daily business life, living in Turku Archipelago, Finland. Today I try to engage more time to my dear hobbies photography and sailing.  I finished my boat building project and set the sails towards more southern latitudes. I wish I can give you a lot interesting photo’s from the journey.  Atlantic navigator is built with extreme care to withstand every weather condition we can meet.  Remembering it is a very small boat in the Atlantic ocean. Today our boat is located in Canaries. This summer we have plans for a sailing trip to La Palma and Madeira if we are lucky with the lock down. We have postponed to sail to Portugal West coast two times. We will see how we return to Portugal. We hope better time with Covid-19 pandemic next year.

Hard storm between Gran Canaria and Tenerife, Photo by: Kimmo Kolmonen

We also pray for the inhabitants in La Palma because of the Cumbre Vieha volcano eruption. God bless you

We hope we could sail to La Palma once more. It is a equisite island with the most amazing nature

Canal Beagle in front of Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

Travel photos of our journeys with  S/y Naneux  purjehduskaphornille.blogspot.fi

I still have my Nikon 700 and Nikkor lenses as a workhorse.  I became a good friend with the Fuji XPro1 camera, that I had. It reminded me of Leica M3 although it is a bit bigger.  But I lost my dear Fuji X Pro1 and 35 mm 1,4 lens.  Life is crude.

Now a new chapter starts and I´m back to Leica where it all started a long time ago.  I´m eager to use this marvellous Leica T camera

My interests in the photography are still the same: sea, waterways, coastal gardens, landscapes where the sea meets the land.  

My roots are partly from Carelia from the peninsula where Vyborg is situated. I have lived most of my life in Helsinki and summers in Veikkola. The love to the sea has become from a very young boy, sailing with his dinghy around the islands in Helsinki. Today my harbor in the sun is Stormälö island in the archipelago of Turku.

Wellcome to look at my photos!

If you wish to copy or use these photographs private, please feel free to do so. Commercial usage under copyright of Jukka Pohjola.
Some article photos in my sites by my friends (mentioned aside the photos).


Commercial usage:  large resolutions are available for different needs.  Contact;  jukka.pohjola@gmail.com

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