Atlantic Navigator – building my old 34 foot boat for The Southern Atlantic

S/y Naneux at home port in Airisto

(the documentary photos are taken with a cellphone Nokia N-8 camera)

Many unforgettable sailing trips have been made with this sailing yacht. The yacht is nearly 25 years old and was last rebuilt year 2000 for long distance sailing trips. We sailed to German Bight and Dutch waters in Friesland for three years. We sailed back to Finland year 2003 to continue to work still some years in my busy company.

Ranta ja Naneux 2003
S/y Naneux at home port

I´ve been living now 10 years in the beautiful archipelago of Turku. After my working life in Helsinki I have renovated a gorgeous archipelago house. The garden is big with its plants trees and perennials. Utility garden with cherry and wine trees and lots of red tomatoes.

” Navigare necesse est ”

Recently an idea woke up to sail our dear boat to the other end of the world. Tierra Del Fuego, Ushuaia where my daughter lives and works in the Club Nautico Afasyn taking care of boats that sail those harsh conditions in the Southern Ocean.

From words to deeds.  S/y Naneux is now undergoing a massive restauration to be in shape for the long trip starting next July in 2014.

New pulpit and bow fitting in aluminium with carbon fibre bowsprit

I started to work with the boat during the summer months. S/y Naneux have been standing ashore for a few years while I have built my house.

A lot of things needed to be renewed.

The hull did not look so very attractive in the beginning of the work.

I decided to build the boat as light as possible, of course with normal fiberglass materials. It´s still just a cruising boat.  I´m using a lot of aluminium in fittings and some coal fibre parts in the bow and light materials to build the stern.

2013-08-11-2490_1The boat is after its last modification year 2000 very lively and sails effortless. It has now a perfect sail area. The keel is not deep, it is a bit longer aimed for cruising. The boat sails more easy than normal racing yachts do. It points about 30 -35 degrees to wind which is acceptable. The stern drags no water and gives a perfect release wave or no wave at all. Now I just have to reinforce the hull and the deck to make it more reliable for the breaking waves. The stern I wan’t build more close.  I don´t want to make it too heavy, because downwind sailing is a joy with this boat.

The list is long and demanding. The standard hull is quite empty with no stringers. Lot of the hard parts are not laminated to the hull. I’m glad that all the keel stocks are of fiberglass and laminated to the hull. We are going to have 12 bulkheads or vertical stringers instead of 8 bulkheads. Also longitudinal stringers on open laminate areas as bunks, storage bins are laminated to the hull.

2013-08-20-2584_1 2013-08-25-2641_1

The hull is now reinforced with several stringers and bulkheads. The bow is reinforced with two longitudinal bulkheads and vertical stringers. The stern got new form with less open area and lockers for gear.


New layers of Epoxy to give good protection for the keel.



The rudder was given a few inches more in length. The new stern is going to be built less open to avoid breaking seas falling to the stern, which can affect negatively to the stability.

Bulkheads in the stern to give strength to the stern. New vertical bulkheads to reduce the open stern. 

The stern is completely rebuilt year 2000. 80 cm longer to give support point for the shrouds for a longer mast and a bigger main sail. What is now done is to increase a few longitudinal bulkheads and a cap to the open areas.
Formgiving aft deck
Formgiving for the aft deck

Laminating the core material

Laminating the outer layer to the core material.

Preparing the aft deck to be taken off to the shed for working during the winter months.
The aft deck at the shed
The aft deck at the shed to be finished during the winter.

The hull in the stern itself is built with fiberglass and a thin Firet core. The same material is also used in the superstructure in the cockpit areas. Forming the aft deck superstructures is challenging. You have to think of all the fixing points of all different equipment like spare rudder etc. Lockers and watertight compartments in the new stern.

A lot new stringers to give strength to the bare hull areas.
Bow areas are supported with new stringers and bulkheads.


Numerous water and fuel tanks under the bunks with two component foam fill to build watertight compartments. 





Several parts of aluminium and stainless steel are manufactured for the project

Aluminium plates are placed inside the core material.

Watt & Sea has come up with a beautiful power pack for long distance sailors



Here some nice things for the captain to


hang out light weather skirts.

Also a new safe and shiny pulpit was installed.


Coach roof was strengthened with an aluminium construction. Skylets through bolted and glued to the roof.

A heavy job with a lot of measuring.
2013-10-29-2945_12013-10-24-2898_12013-10-29-2949_12013-09-23-2824_1.jpg2013-10-25-2905_12013-10-25-2910_12013-08-16-2550_12013-10-28-2939_1 2013-10-28-2940_1 2013-08-30-2659_12013-09-14-2769_1


The rudder needed a bit more

length to  sail better. The form

is not the latest idea with the

ability to keep up as long as

possible with a straight trailing

edge but something like this

which is also trusted in Beneteau

Racing yachts. Straight leading edge.

Rudder shaft and the lower bearing
Rudder shaft and the lower bearing
Rudder shaft and the lower bearing

Rudder shaft and the lower bearing

Rudder in service

Facnor mast fittings with ball bearings. The tube is oversized Z – 401.


naneux riki kansimuutokset

Naneuxin kapu

The ongoing works slow down now when the winter is coming with force.

Still a lot is done during these months and the last jobs are well ready for the short spring preparation.

Equipment keep strolling in and need to be installed.

Lot of wooden parts need to be treated in the shed.

Skipper is happy with the work.

To be continued next spring in a new article:  A task and a photo a day

We will show you stages of the Yacht S/y Naneux before it’s voyage to the southern seas.

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