Some new shots with my new Leica T and Leica Super Vario Elmar

My new Leica T camera is a second hand buy, reasonable priced and with a nice camera interphase. Not many buttons! It also has a Wifi connection direct to my phone or to my laptop like my old Nikon 700 studio outfit has. Some new learning processes needed for an older photographer. Quite nice and handy to operate with.

New lens for Leica T. I did not choose Leica T kit lens Leica 18-56 mm. It has too low aperture for normal lens and I have used those angles quite a lot. I also have the Nikkor 50 mm. 1:1,2. A magnifiicient lens fot the night owl. So I chose according to the photographers previews. My recent shots are often landscape scenery or town wievs. The super wide angle Vario Elmar TL 11-23 mm lens suits me good although the aperture 1: 3,5 – 4,5 is not so good, so I have to grab my stative. My Sigma 15 mm 1:2,8 lens for my Nikon 700 is with better aperture, but a bit too much a fish eye lens for me. I have to cut often away from the edges. I looked through the photos of other photographers and liked what I saw taken with Leica TL Super Elmar 11-23mm.

I took my first photo throuhg my telescopes rubber eye ring so that I could go through the Leica interphase . Later this week I got my Super wide angle Elmar lens. some test shooting will follow.

Portrait of my collaque with this wide angle lens and the wifi arrangement . Quite good result. Next Photo from my terrrace Airisto sunset with some crop of the sea, taken with 100 ASA . I waited till the sun was down. Now we have to look at a new angle to my photographs. Often a change with a camera and a new lens brings something new!

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