My rules in photo´s

Old rules that I follow

A good photo. It can be rough, take stance on or it can be restful and relaxing.   A photo can be journalistic or it can re-examine the occasion itself. The wiewer must get an expression of the photo right away, not guessing whether it is art or not.

C. G. Rosenberg once said: A good photo attracts, leads satisfyingly your eyes on its surface, and you stay longing for it.

My rules

This blog is only about photographic values. I seldom take stance of things happening around us. I value the beauty of  nature, which is often left behind from the viewer. We are too busy  hurrying forward in our digital world.

Rules that I follow

I belong to those photographers, that say the best pictures are given to us not taken by us.
We can force industrial or advertising photos but never play with the nature. We can determine the time and the landscape, where the picture is taken but small increments, that just happens, makes a stunning photo.

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