Gourmet dinners in Casa Marina and on the dinette of Atlantic Navigator

I got sad of Word Press new “on the go” publishing system, also meant for Android phones and tabs. The simple Story post publishing just won’t work, bad and sad. It’s not so nice to have your laptop on your knees all the time in order to post simple feelings to your friends. Now IContinue reading “Gourmet dinners in Casa Marina and on the dinette of Atlantic Navigator”

Sweet sunsets and the exitement of the night sky

A Gallery of Photographs Sunsets are the most beloved moments in our lives, blue moments even more precious and very short moment of our awareness. Powerful colours affect our emotions strongly. Sun’s orange reflection from ice blocks can have a warming effect. Winter sunsets are mostly colourless, greyish color absorbs the yellow. In the eveningContinue reading “Sweet sunsets and the exitement of the night sky”

Sailing X Pequod in The archipelago

This is the second year we have the old Peter Norlin racing boat in the sea. While Covid-19 was howling around the globe, I managed to rebuild this classic racing machine here in the archipelago of Turku, near by my home at the neigbourg yard. The boat S/y X Pequod is made under the classContinue reading “Sailing X Pequod in The archipelago”