S/y Naneux in North Sea 1999 – 2001

Historian siipien havinaa, S/y Naneux veneellä Pohjanmerellä ja Friisien saaristossa

A story from our past with S/y Naneux in North Sea and Frisian Islands

Always with the best crews in The Baltic and North Sea. Sailing down the Baltic has always been the start of an adventure. The Nordic weather is getting warmer the more south you sail. Visby in Gotland and the islands of Christiansö or Bornholm have always given a welcome break of the stormy seas. A cold Carlsberg is worth a harbour visit for a thirsty sailor.

The gallery is old and the pictures taken with all possible cameras that were available on the sea.

The sailing down the Baltic sea with the new mast and sails was a joyful ride with the waves. We hit a storm after Gotland and took the route between Sweden and Ööland. Just as we sighted the island,  a black tower was in the middle of the sea. The evening was dark and when we came nearer there was a submarine sailing with huge engines.

Of course a case of Carlsberg beer in Christiasnö, that is a must.

Kiel, the cook and one of our crew members disappeared after an unforgettable night with S/y Niinamari´s crew.

Captain and the head mastmaker Pekka continued the trip on a misty morning through Kiel canal to Brunsbyttel. The glad crews of these two yachts had one more “unforgettable” night in the main street of Brunsbyttel. Even horses were present during the festivities.

The two boats continued trough German Bight with engines, no wind was available. We waived good bye after Borkum and continued few miles to the island Shiermonnikoog. We sailed to Lauersoog where a big fishing fleet is lying. Inside the locks there is a huge harbour for pleasure craft.

Balic sea – North Sea

Stormälö – Utö – Visby – Christiansö – Kiel – Brunsbüttel – Lauersoog.

Waddenzee – North Sea

Lauersoog- Shiermonnikoog – Oost Vieland – Hindeloopen – Isselmeer – Enkhuizen – Marken – Haaring – Markemeer – Durkerdam – nordzee kanaal – Ijmuiden – North Sea –  den Helder – Texel Oudeschild – Harlingen – Dokkumer Ee – Lauersmeer – Oostmahorn -Lauersoog – Dokkum – Harlingen – Terchelling – Konverzand – Hindeloopen – Sneekemeer – Birdwaar – Dokkum -Zoutkamp- Groningen – Sciermonnikoog – Lauersoog – Ameland – Terchelling – Harlingen -Van Harixma kanaal -Dokkum – Oostmahorn – Lauersoog

The coming years was for studying the Frisian islands and the Wadden eilanden as they say in Holland. A beautiful collar of islands and sand banks starting from Sylt in Denmark. Many beautiful memories of the islands and our splendid crews always fill our minds!

Our boat S/y Naneux stayed 2 years in Lauersoog and we studyed the Waddeneilanden as they say in Friesland. A huge place inside the sand banks of the North sea.

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Thank you for watching the history of our yacht S/y Naneux

A lot interesting boats in Dutch channels and the North sea harbors. Our dear dogs Bonnie and Bessie also with us. Good pubs and tall windmills, when strolling along the beaches of the North Sea. Some very famous boats in the channels and harbors near Ijmuiden. Fishing ” Mosselen” with the square bottom steel barges. Always a stopover in Christiansö to get a pack of Carlsberg bier, and a Danish Röde pölse.

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