Choosing a new street camera. The reason why I look through my best Travel photos!

100 photo´s of various places!

Here I have nearly a hundred photos, / 50 of them are with Nikon and Nikkor lenses, /40 are with Fuji X Pro1 and Fuji 35mm / 1:1,4 lens. / 7 fotos are with cellphone LG G4. Cellphone photos can not be enlarged a lot but they still are within an average quality standards. Do not try to get good landscape photos with a cellphone camera. I lost my Fuji X Pro1, sad. My new street camera will be a Leica T with a selection of Ernst Leitz optics.

I chose this camera because of it’s size and the quality Leica represents to me. I have photographed a lot with a Leica film camera. I have especially one 50 mm Summar lens, that I want to use. It is more than 50 years old but it’s optics and the whole lens are hand made Ernst Leitz quality. For seaside photos I still have my old Nikon 700 which also tolerate some drops of water. Nikon D 700 is a solid camera that never fails. But remember to have your memory card in the slot, it does not have any memory of it’s own.

My cellphone gets better every 3 years, when I buy a new one. Today it is Huawei Pro 20, with 3 Leica lenses, a super camera as a cellphone.

When the shooting situation is optimal you can also crop and enlarge cell phone photos.

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