Photo J Pohjola – at a glance

I like photography. Many times we are just passing by when walking in the nature. Many beautiful things and scenes stay unnoticed. In this blog I would like to present you some of the beauty around us.

History of my engagement

jukka ja Technika.3

During my younger days I used to help my father in his studio, e.g. the darkroom to expose, develop and fix the B & W photos. 

Working with hundreds of photos to give them a glossy surface with a huge polishing drum.  I discovered how to fix the inaccurate exposure in the negatives, to retush and make the photos perfect.  I mostly worked with B & W photos and my father did the colour ones.

Faijan studio

My father behind the camera and a model to shoot

I have a long history with hobby photography

My father had his photo studios and made our living with photography. He was one of the founders of Suomen Valokuvaajien Liitto, SVL. One of his studios was situated in our home. Our dining room was separated with a sliding door from the shooting room. He photographed all from industrial photographs to portraits. Some times infrared pictures of huge paintigs that were leaving for art shows.

My Choice

I chose colour photography to better express myself.  Maybe it was easier first to send my feelings to others with colour. 

Colour photographs have totally different approach than B & W photos.

I inherited one Leica III f from my father, I liked that little camera very much. I took a lot photographs in Helsinki and in Uppsala where I studied. I still have that magnificent Leica. It still works perfectly though I have changed to digital media. I try to find some slides from that time. I lost all my negatives in a fire 1998. Here is one!

Uppsala Fyriså Leica III f film camera 5 cm Summicron, Kodak diapositive

My new Leica with a retro lens

A few years ago I bought a Leica T camera and an attachment ring so that I can have my fathers old 50 mm Ernst Leitzt Summicron in it. My work career for over two decades has been a marketing manager in a food company, so photographic material has been natural way to the customers and end users.  Later on when working with Real Estate business, documentation has been  essential to the construction business. I have made documentation with a cellphone camera since the iconic Nokia 12 Megapixel camera phone.

Landscape photography

My interest to the landscape photography has come alive with the fact that I´ve been sailing and exploring waterways in Europe.  Sea and boats have been my life since a little boy. Here is a new photo of this year 2020. It’s a huge sky installation with a dark horizon just after the blue moment. It is taken with Leica T and a Super-vario-Elmar-TL 1:3,5-4,5/11-23 Asp.

Airisto powerful sky LeicaT Super Vario ElmarTL 11-23

I have made quite a few background photos and wall canvas installations of my Landscape Photos. Other photos  in ads and articles.

Now I have been working with an interesting project. My photos are a part in an Art work of color therapy and music, all together mixed to an Art Video performance

A video art work Hiljaisuudessa asuu rauha
Foto of the dolphin, Kimmo Kolmonen in the North of Tenerife, installation on a 40 mm thick sound isolation material

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