Highlight Photos of my tour in Tierra Del Fuego

Well, I made some photos directly under the voyage with a small tablet and found out later that the quality was damaged. Here I have some highlight Photos from RAW material from which I made JPG versions with GIMP. Much better results! The colour and the contrast is far better. You can feel the crispContinue reading “Highlight Photos of my tour in Tierra Del Fuego”

Power of Color – Auran Galleria 2001

One decade 1988 – 1999 my interests to the photography was the boundary,  where the water meets the land.  The junction reflects its colours, water, land and sky.  You discover such tranquility which you only find in mountain areas and deep forests.  Your eyes rest in the landscapes and the photos have less tension. RiversContinue reading “Power of Color – Auran Galleria 2001”