Selected photo´s of the year 2013

This gallery may not be the most fascinating but still represents my thoughts behind the ocular this year. The year has been busy time for me with my other projects not so good for my photo engagement.

Visit my old hometown – Helsinki

Leaving this beautiful sight in Stormälö island for a work trip to the busy city of Helsinki, my old hometown. The photographs are taken with my new street camera Fuji X Pro 1. Many beautiful building projects is to be seen every time I visit Helsinki. Lots of glass is used for the facades and exiting landscapingContinue reading “Visit my old hometown – Helsinki”

My new travel camera: Fuji X Pro 1

Here I have some trial shots with the brand new Fuji X Pro 1. This camera appears very light and still sturdy. This old Nikon guy still needs the prospects to find all the knobs. This camera is more like my old Leica and I love the shutter sound. No mirror clicking! The focus isContinue reading “My new travel camera: Fuji X Pro 1”