Coastal Gardens

Nature forms its own garden

Gardens that are dear to me,  most likely situated on coastal areas.  Not necessary direct on shoreline but representing the presence of the salt seawater or the soft water of the lakes and the rivers.  The flora and the fauna of the areas can be seen  in  the photos.

 Mother nature makes us a firework with the most splendid colours from flowers and vegetation.  But also the dirt itself comes with the variety of luscious forms of the deltas or littlest of ground on limestone cliffs.

Four seasons are well present,  giving the viewer multiple joy of  atmospheric changes.

The most interesting change in vegetation takes place in the spring. The colours are fantastic and you really feel the moisture in the air.

Summer is of course the  time for a  photographer because of the light,  especially during the evening hours.  The daylight atmosphere is often too full of light and you are forced to use shades both in the eyes and the lenses.

Autumn and rain water brings the colour to life. The storms often make the perfect photographic situation. You only have to look after your equipment not to damage too much.

Winter is the time for low light photography,  northern areas get the snow cap and give a new challenge to the photographer. If you like cold weather and you are an outdoor man, that’s the perfect combination to get the most of the photographic occasions.

Slide show of the pics of the gardens

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Pictures are mainly of gardens that represent natural values, the joy of colour from the vegetation and flowers.  Natures own wild flowers and perennials,  plants and soil itself.  There is so much beauty to see around, you have to open your eyes and find time to look at it.

I always get inspired when the spring flowers start to bloom!

This winter particularly was very hard, starting with a severe autumn storm on Boxing day. The storm ripped of many trees, the waves eroded the shoreline. many buildings loosed roof parts. The whole electricity network collapsed in South-western Finland causing people disturbance.  Winter was long as it used to be many years ago. Everybody is waiting for the spring and the light.

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