Timelaps – Same shooting point – view and the view angle changes

A delicate approach to a fixed photo shooting position.

One could think that it would be very boring to shoot  a photo from the same point.  But  Shooting time,  Atmospheric changes,  Seasons and view angle can change the entirety.

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Photos have been taken with 300 mm – 600 mm x 2 / Tamron F 1 : 2,8  or  a 500mm x 2 refractor telescope / Celestron, F 1 : 5 .  The photo of a single cairn is taken 20 x 500 mm,  a Baader hyperion ocular, heavy vignetting occur.

Connection to the refractor
Connection rings
Refractor and ocular connection
Refractor telescope and ocular ready for the camera

Celestron is a single lens 500 mm refractor. I wanted to make  some changes to connect the camera to the refractor telescope. Camera is attached directly to the focal point with a teleconverter x2 to obtain 1000 mm lens with splendid light intensity. Camera can also be mounted  to the Baader hyperion ocular when you want to boost your focal lenght. The single lens of the refractor is not achromatic but it has a huge light intensity.

The shooting place is indoors through a window glass,  some haze and colour changes occur.

The two photos of summer and winter landscape, with 50 mm Nikkor F 1 : 1.2 glass.

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