Power to the people – Why fossile resources – Wise desicionmaking

Loading coal takes place just in front of my living room window. We are not talking about a commercial harbour nor the industrial zones but in the middle of the purest nature with reserve areas for sea birds.

Next to the cargo vessel is a fragile birds nesting island. Loading coal from the cargo vessel to the barges takes place without any shields to the nature. With a telescope you can see black dust flying with the wind. I have monitored this now long enough not to intervene.  I must write this article.Hiililaiva odottaa proomua 2013

LNG kaasuputki Suomessa
LNG gas pipe map of Finland. An article in Turun Sanomat 2013

Turun Sanomat An article 2013

This could be the solution. Turku is the only major city in Finland without a connection to the gas pipeline Why?

Turku, the third largest town in  Finland still using fossil energy resources to produce heat and energy. The city of Turku is burning and transporting coal massively, although they are claiming widely about responsibility of their acts and supporting nature consevation. 2013-05-18-2040_1

Here a photo taken from the latest customers review that Turku energia is claiming widely about responsibility.

A state-owned energy company is involved and it is selling the energy to the city of Turku. The contracts are widely discussed and the ancient power plants need a fast upgrade. According to the newest plans is to build a new power plant  that can burn also coal. The same thing is happening in Oulu. Although the city mayors in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku and Oulu have founded a climate network in order to encourage towns to restrain climate change and restrict usage of coal in these towns.  

An article in Helsingin Sanomat, kuukausiliite 2013

State owned power companies are unwilling to relocate their plans to find substitutive methods to their old coal and diesel power plants.

If you are looking company prospects or annual reports, they are full of fine and noble plans. The acts are less courageous.  You can find a new article from Turun Sanomat,  about the natural gas pipe network. You will find all other major cities in the network but not Turku. Shame on us!

This sad sight takes place in front of my eyes far too often. Turku energy company loads coal on north end of Airisto without any shields to prevent coal dust to spread on surrounding isles. There are several small islands that birds use for nesting during spring time.

Here a Slide Show of the loading area and power plant in Turku.
Good contrast with the photographs taken in the loading area, Pure nature and on the other hand coal ships and barges. exactly same area Only two weeks earlier I took some Photographs of White Tail Eagles fishing on ice blocks.

There must be an alternative for Coal  –  Nuclear power  –  LNG gas  –  Biomass  –  Wood chips  –  Wind power  –  Wave rollers  –  You name it  –  Our Communal decision makers are too ignorant and lazy













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  1. I agree .all Humanity has to become more concious about what is happening to Gaia, Mother Earth, becouse of our High Tecnology…There´s much each man and woman can do…Every little change makes world better… “Make your desitions and act thinking in the 7º generation…” That´s wise!! K


  2. Wise thoughts. 70´s generation had many times better and more noble thoughts than today´s digital people. Europe is totally lost and companies only think in short term investments for the shareholders money. I still think we have a small group of intellectuals thinking the right way!


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