Service works on S/y Naneux in Tenerife 2022

First, second and third service trip in 2022 This is the full story with pics, what can happen and how to manage with the reparations S/y Naneux service works and repairing the underwater body at the Marina Yard After the good work something went totally wrong in finishing this great task? Marina drydock should neverContinue reading “Service works on S/y Naneux in Tenerife 2022”

Walking around the Canary islands – a gourmet cruise – summer 2019

This time a very different cruise. Our gourmet cruise started already from the aiport of Stockholm. We had some time to spend when waiting for the connecting flight. We took the opportunity and took one glass of champagne. That is a good starter for a holiday, after that we tasted various kind of beers andContinue reading “Walking around the Canary islands – a gourmet cruise – summer 2019”

Year 2018 – almost a whole year with my LG, G 4 phone. The only camera.

Winter 2018 was mild. Ice period only lasted two months or so. This year was busy with a lot of building work in our premises in Turku in Kipinä yritystalo. I had several trips to the archipelago of Turku to vitsit Eva. February at last we saw the sunshine in the Canaries. A short maintenanceContinue reading “Year 2018 – almost a whole year with my LG, G 4 phone. The only camera.”

Some wide angle photographs of the beaches and harbors

Some of the photographs are taken with the Fuji X Pro wide angle program, some faults occur. Other photographs are with my Nikon 700 and the new Sigma 15mm fisheye lens. These photos are from my recent trips in Europe.  

Year 2015 – A year of antithesis

  This year was a year of many contrast in my life. My photographs this year in April – June are mostly from the Atlantic Ocean and of Macaronesian Islands. Winter period in january – february I made some trips in Turku archipelago resulting some beautiful seascapes. The rest of the year has passed withContinue reading “Year 2015 – A year of antithesis”

Photos from Baltic Sea to English Channel 2014

Photo highlights of the year 2014 of the different places of my sailing trip. From the archipelago of Turku in Finland to Nazaré in Portugal. Here are photos from Baltic Sea to Cherbourg in France. We sailed trough Swedish and Danish islands to Germany near Warnemünde. Next harbour for us was Kiel and the Nord-OstseeContinue reading “Photos from Baltic Sea to English Channel 2014”

The Journey goes on

Now we are in october, year 2014. The first third of the JOURNEY is done. Nearly 3000 nautical miles and two and a half months of time is spent in a tight relationship in a small boat with my daughter and our trusted friends plus some extra crew members. Lot of discussions and feelings haveContinue reading “The Journey goes on”

The Journey

Sailing from Turku archipelago to the Canaries We set the sails in the archipelago of Turku 22.07.2014. Sailing from Airisto which have been our home port for the beginning of S/y Naneux sailing eara. The crew has varied during our sailing trips, the skipper and the first mate have always been the same Eva. ThisContinue reading “The Journey”

A task and a photo a day

My home harbour in the suwn and S/y Naneux just returned from the North Sea trip Now I’m in a hurry. We have a scedule to sail S/y Naneux down to Lisboa. Starting in the first half of July. We have to be in Southern Europe before the autumn storms start to rage in AtlanticContinue reading “A task and a photo a day”

M/y Silkkiuikku Euroopan vanhoilla vesiteillä, Part 5

Matkan viimeisellä osuudella ajamme Liègestä, Belgiasta – Muideniin, Hollantiin.  Liegè Liegèn teollisuuskaupungista matkaamme ensin Albertkanaalia Hollannin Maastrichtiin ja edelleen Waal jokea historiallisen Utrechtiin. Purjehdimme edelleen vanhaan Muidenin linnoituskaupunkiin Amsterdamin kupeessa. 07.5-96 Liège – Maastricht Albertkanaal Meuse vaihtaa nimeään Maas joeksi Pilvistä +14° Matkaan, Liègen jälkeen teollisuus vain nostaa päätään. Nyt raskasteollisuutta, metallia kemiaa jne. AlbertkanaalContinue reading “M/y Silkkiuikku Euroopan vanhoilla vesiteillä, Part 5”

M / y Silkkiuikku Euroopan vanhoilla vesiteillä, Part 4

Nyt matkaamme Ranskan Toulista Namurin vanhaan linnoituskaupunkiin ja edelleen Liegen teollisuuskaupunkiin joka sijaitsee Belgian puolella. Canal De l’Est – Ardennien kanava – Meuse joki 28.4-96 Toul – Comercy Canal De l’Est Merkillepantavaa on kanavan helakan turkoosi väri, kaunista ihan kuin Maltalla olisi, siellä muistan nähneeni Valletan linnoituksen satamassa samaa väriä. Siirrymme nyt alamäkeen eli virtaukenContinue reading “M / y Silkkiuikku Euroopan vanhoilla vesiteillä, Part 4”