Early morning – Atlantic fishing village

First Morning sun rays and the sea mist starts a new morning for us. Morning stroll in the sand and the smell of fresh fish from the fishing vessels. It could not be better. You have been resting from the past days sailing work and an exciting day is starting for the whole crew.

We are somewhere in Galichia and heading to the Finisterré with sunshine and perfect wind for southward sailing.  Cooking fresh Cafe du Lait with our french skipper aboard. We all like this beautiful fishing village by the Atlantic Ocean.

It was also interesting to calculate the tide properly in order to go asleep, because we tied loose to the fishing pier as the fishermen do. The sun played a colorful game in the windows next morning.

It was also a well scheduled visit because the fishing vessels needed refueling. We stood in the way. Off we go!

Published by Photo J Pohjola

Photography has always played a great roll in my life, never my business but always in every business that I have done.

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