First set of landscape photos with my Leica T

Finally now I can attach my fathers 50 mm, Ernst Leitz 1:2 Summar lens to Leica T.

I have a long time wanted to do that. But finally it is there. It even looks nice. I know the hand made lens more than 50 years old, represents values of craftmanship from Ernst Leitz Wezlar.

I´m proud to bring you the vivid colours that this lens produces. Some photos are with the Leicat 11 – 23 Vario Elmar 1:3,5 – 4,5.

I like Leica T camera and especially the way that I can handle the process of taking a photo. It is not the fastest way of doing it but quite a nice learning process. The manual 50 mm lens with Kipon adapter L 39-L makes the camera lens a small telephoto , also the cropped cell affects that.

The photographs are with no adjustments. “The soft colour after the sunset” is heavily cropped and “The returning of a boat” I used a little light adjustment.

Leica T and Ernst Leitz Wezlar 50 mm lens

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