Lock down 2020 work out possibilities with XPequod sailing boat

Some activities done with an old project to get my Express sailing boat refurbished. Designed by Peter Norlin. The job had been started in earlier years with the hull repairs and new keel stocks etc. This year was excellent timing for the rest of the job. I could not travel to the Canaries where I have my sailing yacht. Something can still be done when the Corona virus is howling around the globe. Gardening works had been done already in the spring time and real estate business was also slowed down because of the disease. So let’s get sailing in the home waters!

Sy Xpequod is the new name of Sy Pequod. Beautifull lines by Peter Norlin racer from the past times

Earlier stages of Sy xPequod’s refurbishing works

This summer was The great lock down – time for interior works and the deck finishing works


I had removed all the plywood except the main bulkhead. The old and heavy pentry had to go. New pentry is going to be a module with a sink and an Origo gasol burner. The cups are hanging on main bulkhead. The pentry is situated on Starboard side in front cabin. The Wallas heater is on Port side, mounted on the bulkhead. The rest of the front cabin bunks are going to be sail bin and for various sailing gear. Main cabin is with two sofas / bunks and a smaller removable coffee table. One extra bunk is under the cockpit seats. It was quite easy job, laquering the parts in my house and quite simple attaching work.

Putting her into the water – new name – daysailing this summer

Xpequod after the short but fun sailing season this summer. Hoisted on the hard with new “wheels” under the boat. Beautiful lines and a minimum wetted area.
Summer at it’s end, but still beautiful and warm weather

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