Sweet sunsets and the exitement of the night sky

Hazy sunset

A Gallery of Photographs

Sunsets are the most beloved moments in our lives, blue moments even more precious and very short moment of our awareness. Powerful colours affect our emotions strongly. Sun’s orange reflection from ice blocks can have a warming effect. Winter sunsets are mostly colourless, greyish color absorbs the yellow. In the evening yellow and orange colours turn bluish and the landscape is full of excitement and waiting for the unexpected.

Huge sunset, Nikon D700 with Celestron 1000 mm
August skies are threatening above us, Leica T
Sunset – Leica T – Ernst Leitzt Summar 5 cm
Blue moment, Leica T
Icy blocks in golden glare, Nikon D700 with Celestron 1000 mm
Sunset in January already with bluish colours, Leica T
Ice and snow covers the sea, sun disappears in grey colours, Leica T
Sunset in Harlingen, this is warm, LG with Leica lens
Atlantic sun is going down, Nikon 300

Published by Photo J Pohjola

Photography has always played a great roll in my life, never my business but always in every business that I have done.

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