Making a new Café

Better Café, Deli, Shop
Better Café, Deli, Shop

Better Cafe

1.9.22 there was a new exiting Cafe opening in our premises Kipinä yritystalo. The new name is Better Café, Deli, Shop

The culinary taste is based on Italian fresh and delicious food coffee and pastries


We have our beautiful barista Jovita who makes Italian food taste so good, fresh salads antipasto, Italian type meat, Salmon and of course Panini bread. Eero taking care of the customers and selling Italian specialities from the shelves, here in Better Café

Their motto is to make everything Better

Italian Veronesi Coffee with all its various forms, strong espresso rich and tasty milk foam and different ingredients if ordered

We do it Better Cafe, Deli, Shop

We are all exited of our new baby born, Better Café, Deli, Shop. We have good people around us wanting to make the best out of it. Turku has now an exquisite Italian food restaurant. Coffee time is memorable, pastries direct from heaven and food is something you have to taste!

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