Lock down work out

Some activities done with an old project to get my Express sailing boat refurbished. Designed by Peter Norlin. The job had been started in earlier years with the hull repairs and new keel stocks etc. This year was excellent timing for the rest of the job. I could not travel to the Canaries where IContinue reading “Lock down work out”

Good cake and food advertisement photos on a Coffee shop

Corporate media photography POS advertisement is essential for various businesses like Coffee shops Hot and cold drinks on your cafe Essential elements for your food advertisements are photos of the food A delicious picture is more than a thousand words we all need food Catering on special occasions A good camera equipment is needed toContinue reading “Good cake and food advertisement photos on a Coffee shop”

Casa Marina Power plant 1. and 2. Stormälö 11. 03. 2020

Blog in finnish / Blogi kirjoitettu suomeksi päivitys 30.12.2020 The elecricity production Sähköntuoton lukema 14.3.2020 klo 13.45. Alkuvuoden lukemat ovat todella pieniä. Maaliskuun 2:lla viikolla max tuotto on pysytellyt 3400 – 4000 W/h lukemissa. 4.4.2020 lukema oli klo 15.40 : 3830 W/h <p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">5.4 2020 lukema oli klo 14.30 : 4090Continue reading “Casa Marina Power plant 1. and 2. Stormälö 11. 03. 2020”

Year 2019

My photos – My thoughts – My life – My sailing trips – My new Leica T – My Ernst Leitzt lens   This year started for me with a Heavy Heart. my dear passed away.   Early morning 22.1.2019 was exeptionally beautifull full moon quided my dear.     Spring arrives with beautifull Swan family. Continue reading “Year 2019”

Walking around the Canary islands – a gourmet cruise – summer 2019

This time a very different cruise. Our gourmet cruise started already from the aiport of Stockholm. We had some time to spend when waiting for the connecting flight. We took the opportunity and took one glass of champagne. That is a good starter for a holiday, after that we tasted various kind of beers andContinue reading “Walking around the Canary islands – a gourmet cruise – summer 2019”

First set of landscape photos with my Leica T

Finally now I can attach my fathers 50 mm, Ernst Leitz 1:2 Summar lens to Leica T. I have a long time wanted to do that. But finally it is there. It even looks nice. I know the hand made lens more than 50 years old, represents values of craftmanship from Ernst Leitz Wezlar. I´mContinue reading “First set of landscape photos with my Leica T”

My personal contribution to the ecological threaths

Originally posted on J Pohjola Construction:
Minun sijoitukseni ympäristöuhkiin, ilmaston lämpenemiseen, vesien saastumiseen sekä ihmisten pienempään kulutukseen henkilökohtaisela tasolla. Olemme perheenä siirtyneet ekologisempaan lämmitysmuotoon ja leikanneet lähes puolet sähkönkulutuksestamme jo vuonna 2007 / 2008. Lämmitämme aurinkoenergialla huhtikuusta – syyskuuhun lähes koko lämpimän veden tarpeen. 2007 – 2016. Poltamme talvikuukausina sahateollisuuden jätteestä  valmistettua pellettiä, jolla lämmitämme…

Some new shots with my new Leica T and Leica Super Vario Elmar

My new Leica T camera is a second hand buy, reasonable priced and with a nice camera interphase. Not many buttons! It also has a Wifi connection direct to my phone or to my laptop like my old Nikon 700 studio outfit has. Some new learning processes needed for an older photographer. Quite nice andContinue reading “Some new shots with my new Leica T and Leica Super Vario Elmar”

Choosing a new street camera. The reason why I look through my best travel photos!

Here I have nearly a hundred photos, / 50 of them are with Nikon and Nikkor lenses, /40 are with Fuji X Pro1 and Fuji 35mm / 1:1,4 lens. / 7 fotos are with cellphone LG G4. Cellphone photos can not be enlarged a lot but they still are within an average quality standards. DoContinue reading “Choosing a new street camera. The reason why I look through my best travel photos!”

Design management at Kipinä business park

Design Colours Functionality Ideas photos The essential elements in design for Kipinä business park atmosphere is to mirror the high quality business ideas used and planned in Kipinä yritystalo premises. Colours – forms – materials – spacial elements – interior design – business ideas

Year 2018 – almost a whole year with my LG, G 4 phone. The only camera.

Winter 2018 was mild. Ice period only lasted two months or so. This year was busy with a lot of building work in our premises in Turku in Kipinä yritystalo. I had several trips to the archipelago of Turku to vitsit Eva. February at last we saw the sunshine in the Canaries. A short maintenanceContinue reading “Year 2018 – almost a whole year with my LG, G 4 phone. The only camera.”