Atlantic Navigator New challenges for the skipper

A famous old boat S/y Nauta of Eloy R. Garcia from Los Cristianos

My stories of Atlantic Navigator are continuing with this old and famous Canarian Yacht S/y Nauta.

The yachts first owner was skipper D. Eloy R. Garcia. He circumnavigated the globe when he was 68 years old, accompanied with his most loyal dog Grumete in 1996 -1997. He started from Los Cristianos in Tenerife, Canaries and made a solo circumnavigation in 246 days, total voyage was 24.623 Nm

Eloy sailed first South-West from the Tenerife to Cape Verde and to Caribbean and Venezuela. He sailed through Panama Canal to the Pacific Ocean North of the Galapagos island to Marquesas and Christmas islands, continuing South of Nauru in the Pacific Ocean. Eloy continued to sail North of Papua New Guinea to the Macassar strait between Borneo and South Sulawesi in Indonesia to the Indian ocean. Eloy continued to Singapore in Malesia and sailed Nauta in between Malesia and Sumatra and further to Islas Maldivas. Nauta crossed the Red Sea and Suez Canal to Port Said and to the Mediterranean Sea. Eloy sailed Nauta South of Peloponnesos, through whole Mediterranean Sea, of course stopping at Puerto Banus in Marbella and back to Tenerife.

Nauta logged 24.623 Nm on his voyage. He sailed inside the pleasant latitudes near the equator and through Panama and Suez canals, so called Milky Way route. See a map of the journey at the end of the story.

After Eloy R. Garcia died, his sons sold the boat in December 2004. Sociedad Canaria de Ecogestion SL / company Solitec SLU bought the boat in 2005 from Eloy R. Garcia´s relatives. Jose Julian Naranjo Perez, the owner of Solitec SLU has been taking care of S/y Nauta since 2005

Today S/y Nauta is in remarkable condition, although many years have passed and many nautical miles have been sailed. Mostly we must thank Jose Naranjo Perez who has been maintaining the boat with intense care from the year 2005, when he bought the yacht Nauta. The yacht is a true blue water cruising vessel up to all standards. The hull has enough size and volume, the width is 4,05 m, the leading edge of the keel is tilted backwards a lot in case of an impact. the trailing edge has a modern elliptical form. The keel is shallow and with a wide bulb in order to reach to interesting places. The hull is supported with many vertical stringers and four horizontal stringers from floor boards and upwards joining the keel stocks to the shroud fittings. The rudder axell is attached in the hull and skeg.

S/y Nauta today:

The yacht is a Jeanneau Voyage 12.50 manufactured in the year 1989.

A lot is done with the yacht and a lot is still going to be done to transform the yacht Nauta to a modern blue water boat. More ecological aspects and self sustainability in electricity etc. The Yacht has today an advanced solar charging system which is built on the top of stainless steel targa at the back of the boat. We are just now installing a Watt & Sea hydro electric power plant to Nauta. Old generator is removed. Shore power arrangements are also up to date with inverter technology to convert power voltage. A smart pressure water system that can be connected direct to the berths water systems ashore, when available. Shower drainage is a small 12V sump system what can easily be developed to work with filters to remove bath soap and skin residue. A new septic tank is under work for the toilet waste water. The fridge compressor got more ventilation and is running modestly for a really huge volume cooling cabinet. All navigational lights are drawn to the mast during the rigg renovation 2022 and working perfect. The lightning system is with 12 V led in all the cabins and optional with 220 V in main salong.

Navigare Necesse est Vivere non est Necesse

I’m about the same age, 69 as Eloy, when he started his voyage round the world. I made this spring a decision that I will not lay down sailing on the contrary sail more and explore Atlantic Ocean more thoroughly. A famous Canarian yacht S/y Nauta was available. This was a good time for decision making. Through many lucky coincidences we changed our trusted friend S/y Naneux to a new yacht S/y Nauta. I’m not planning to sail around the globe, but want to spend more time on the water when I’m older. We are now a group of old sea dogs and newborn sailors who have decided to sail and maintain this famous yacht. We have experience of boat building and maintenance for decades. We love sailing and boat life, we have been sailing for thousands of sea miles. We shall see what Atlantic Ocean and its coastal areas have for us.

Photo slide show of S/y Nauta today, and some changes recently made to the boat

First glas of bubbling around the main salon table. May this sailing yacht bring Joy

A story in finnish about Eloy R. Garcia solo circumnavigation 1996 – 1997 around the world

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