My photograph portfolio

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Landscapes – Archipelago is my home, the reflection of the sky and sea, the boats and the vegetation.

I´ve studied also other archipelagos and different shores of our continent.

PHoto journeys

Boating with S/y Naneux, Sea explorations mostly with my own yacht S/y Naneux, alias Atlantic Navigator

Year1988 we bought S/y Naneux, a small family cruiser. The same year I stopped race sailing with my captain Make. We studied and explored the archipelago of South-West Finland for almost ten years. Our sailing trips went all along Swedish coast to Denmark´s archipelago and to inland waterways trough Sweden. The yacht was remodelled quite a lot when we returned to Finland. The hull was lenghtened with 85 cm in waterline, Transom and the leaving edge now is much better. The mast was changed to a bigger one and of course new sails. A lot minor changes where made.

Year 1999 we sailed to the North Sea to Lauersoog, where we had our boat for three years. We explored a lot interesting places in the ” Wadden eilanden”. The tidal area in Friesland North of Holland is amazing. We once more sailed back to Finland 2003. This time I had a brake with my sailing due to my wife´s illness and I also changed my business strategies totally. Year 2013 I built S/y Naneux for Atlantic crossing. The yacht went through a major construction changes in hull and deck. We got more new sails. Running rigging was changed and of course all electrical systems where changed too. The yacht was ready for a new adventure.


Fine art

selected fotos of the year







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