Atlantic Navigator – Year 2015 – A year of antithesis

This year was a year of many contrast in my life. My photographs this year in April – June are mostly from the Atlantic Ocean and of Macaronesian Islands. Winter period in january – february I made some trips in Turku archipelago resulting some beautiful seascapes. The rest of the year has passed with variousContinue reading “Atlantic Navigator – Year 2015 – A year of antithesis”

Atlantic Navigator – The third part of the journey

Now we start the third leg of our sailing trip. From Nazaré in Portugal to Tenerife in Canaries. Nazaré is located near Berlenga island and is one day´s sailing distance from Lissabon. We set the sails early this spring after the month of March. It is the month when the wind is blowing from all theContinue reading “Atlantic Navigator – The third part of the journey”