Atlantic Navigator – The third part of the journey

Now we start the third leg of our sailing trip. From Nazaré in Portugal to Tenerife in Canaries. Nazaré is located near Berlenga island and is one day´s sailing distance from Lissabon.

We set the sails early this spring after the month of March. It is the month when the wind is blowing from all the directions in Portugal. This is an old saying but it seems to be true.

We pass Lisboa this time because of numerous visits in the town itself and the river Tejo.

One interesting natural harbor is on our way.  We had to anchor with the back against the Atlantic Ocean. This is not wise and we also woke up early in the morning to continue the trip. The rounding of Cabo de Sao Vicente is always a thrill because of the varying winds.

We continue to the Macaronesian islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Porto Santo a beautiful and genuine island with a vast history back to Kolumbus era.

La Palma from the Canaries is beautiful and green with high mountainous landscapes. Here you still find normal life without so much turistic atmosphere.

I hope you enjoy of this photo journey of  the Atlantic Ocean and Macaronesian islands!

The cover photo is taken by Ulf Olsson

Take a look at the photo cavalcade

Atlantic coastline in Portugal, Porto Santo and Madeira. Followed by La Palma and Tenerife

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