Voyager of the Seas from Turku to Miami

One decade of great ship building in Turku Finland.  The Voyager of the Seas was first ship of the series of great ocean liners built in Turku 1999.  Allure of the Seas ended the series of the great ocean liners built in Turku 2011.

Voyager of the Seas

Allure of the Seas

Slide show photos of the Voyager of the Seas on her maiden voyage from Turku to Miami.

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When I was asked to join on the maiden voyage of the Voyager of the Seas from Turku to Miami, I could not find any excuses not to.  Voyager was the biggest and the boldest of all the passenger ships on earth.  The hull had the same hight as the tallest building in Helsinki, 72 m.  Total length was 311,1 m.  Passengers and crew together exceeded 5000 people, which is the same amount than US. Air craft carriers.  Own full-scale theatre, a copy of La Scala in Rome, Ice skating rink and dining room three floors high. Own hospital and own printing-house that produces a daily newsletter every morning.  The sewage water is purified with unique techniques and the watches on the bridge is secured with two authorities personnel.  Captain Svein Pettersen trained the vast  personnel under the maiden voyage to meet the standards to cruise in Caribbean waters.  Turku Kvaerner Masa Yards employees finished the ship with amazing skills and enthusiasm.  We picked up more workers both in Denmark and England to get the job done.  This was the first ship of the Eagle series and prototype rush was visible. Whole restaurants were changed to different brands with kitchen facilities and interior furnishing.

The last ships of the series where sister ships Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas.  The hight is the same 65/72m.  (The bridge in Denmark limits the height).  The length is 361 m and the personnel and passengers together exceeds 7500 persons.  Also the name of the Yard has changed to STX Finland Oy.

Allure under construction On STX Yard in Turku.

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