Service works on S/y Naneux in Tenerife 2022

First, second and third service trip in 2022 This is the full story with pics, what can happen and how to manage with the reparations S/y Naneux service works and repairing the underwater body at the Marina Yard After the good work something went totally wrong in finishing this great task? Marina drydock should neverContinue reading “Service works on S/y Naneux in Tenerife 2022”

Year 2015 – A year of antithesis

  This year was a year of many contrast in my life. My photographs this year in April – June are mostly from the Atlantic Ocean and of Macaronesian Islands. Winter period in january – february I made some trips in Turku archipelago resulting some beautiful seascapes. The rest of the year has passed withContinue reading “Year 2015 – A year of antithesis”

S/y Naneux Pohjanmerellä 1999 – 2001

Historian siipien havinaa, Veneellä Pohjanmerellä ja Friisien saaristossa Always with the best crews in The Baltic and North Sea. Sailing down the Baltic has always been the start of an adventure. The Nordic weather is getting warmer the more south you sail. Visby in Gotland and the islands of Christiansö or Bornholm have always givenContinue reading “S/y Naneux Pohjanmerellä 1999 – 2001”

The last corner of europe where crusaders left for the “Nueva Continente”

Cape  St. Vincent the  south-westermost corner of europe. The last cliffs of Portugal’s South-West corner are clearly seen from miles away from the ocean. The place is not far away from Rio Guadalquivir where Portugese Ferdinand Magellan left for the circumnavigation in the year 1519. He was portuguese but sailed under the protection of aContinue reading “The last corner of europe where crusaders left for the “Nueva Continente””

Getting around the old Indian Country – Vagabundear de Isla Grande De Tierra Del Fuego

Roads, there are not many of them. There is one that goes from West (Bahia Lapataia) to the East (Estancia Harberton) on the Northbound coast of Canal Beagle. Then there is Route No 3. to North-East to Tolhuin, Rio Grande and to San Sebastian. Here you have to cross Chilean border to Onalsin and toContinue reading “Getting around the old Indian Country – Vagabundear de Isla Grande De Tierra Del Fuego”

The old indian country in southern hemisphere – Tierra del Fuego

Beautiful landscapes – flora and fauna – islands with stunning mountain sceneries – coastal birds, penguins and mammals. The Pan American Highway ends here, Route No 3 from Rio Grande to Ushuaia. You can even drive further to Bahia Lapataia and to the lake Roca. Chilean mountains can be seen from here. Canal Beagle isContinue reading “The old indian country in southern hemisphere – Tierra del Fuego”

Two Rocks – Different in location and atmosphere

A reef  at the far end of Praia da Luz beach known as Rocha Negra, Black Stone. The town Praia da Luz (“beach of light”) is in the Western Algarve, Portugal. A small fishing village with massive limestone cliffs on eastern end of the village beach.  The ochre colour of the limestone is stunning onContinue reading “Two Rocks – Different in location and atmosphere”

m/y Silkkiuikku Euroopan vanhoilla vesiteillä, Part 3.

MOSEL  jokea Koblezista Toulin kaupunkiin Ranskaan Koblenz – Toul Päätämme siis kääntyä Rheiniltä Moselille, suoraan etelään odottamaan lämpimämpiä kelejä. Ilma on kylmennyt koko ajan kun olemme laskeutuneet pohjoista kohti. Katsotaan onko päätös oikea. Joki /  kanavareitti on palvellut jo 25 vuoden ajan  1964 – 1998. Mosel joelta pääsee Luxenbourgin ja Ranskan kautta mm. Belgiaan. JokireittiContinue reading “m/y Silkkiuikku Euroopan vanhoilla vesiteillä, Part 3.”

M/y Silkkiuikku Euroopan vanhoilla vesireiteillä, Part 1.

  Photo Journey Part 1. From Basel to Wiesbaden (Südliche Weinstrasse) Mahtava Rhein virtaa

Voyager of the Seas from Turku to Miami

One decade of great ship building in Turku Finland.  The Voyager of the Seas was first ship of the series of great ocean liners built in Turku 1999.  Allure of the Seas ended the series of the great ocean liners built in Turku 2011. Voyager of the Seas Allure of the Seas Slide show photosContinue reading “Voyager of the Seas from Turku to Miami”

Power of Color – Auran Galleria 2001

One decade 1988 – 1999 my interests to the photography was the boundary,  where the water meets the land.  The junction reflects its colours, water, land and sky.  You discover such tranquility which you only find in mountain areas and deep forests.  Your eyes rest in the landscapes and the photos have less tension. RiversContinue reading “Power of Color – Auran Galleria 2001”