My other love – Portugal

Recent trips to Southern Portugal and Lisbon.

Algarve has been a great inspirer to me. Light is perfect in springtime, vegetation is blooming and the water is clear. The reflections of turquoise sea and the ochre coloured limestone cliffs is ideal for photo shooting. The landscapes are stunning, weather one of the best, the food and drinks taste divine!

Alentejo and Algarve have been the targets with our photo shooting trips. Lots of inspiration have come also from the culture, food and Port wines. Especially fresh shellfish is easy to catch from the vast amount of fishing markets on various villages from Sagres all the way to the Spanish border.

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Our “base camp” has always been on a hill of Praia da Luz. Its located perfect and the village Praia da Luz is also really nice.

Our base camp on Praia da Luz

Lagos wall, night panorama

Lagos, an old fishing and harbour near by. It is bigger with fish market harbour and shops etc.

Market place on every weekend with fresh vegetables and poultry from nearby villages. The taste of carrots, different olives, apples is something you cannot  describe. Like you were able to buy earlier, before the modern logistics on superstores.

You can buy orange trees for less than nothing, agricultural products are sold on wholesale basis.

Fresh, really fresh!

Fish is sold fresh every day from the fish market. Shell fish is offered on the opposite side of the creek from local fish companies. You can either eat there or buy shrimps, lobsters and carabaos (local herrings).

On the other side of the creek, only a little way up the hillside you find the old town with narrow streets.

Lots of shops, coffee shops and nice restaurants. On the boulevard by the creek you can really make a bargain on some local cafe´s. You pay the same prize for two beers, two good espreso´s and two local brandy´s  as you get two beers on a local English owned pub. (We still love Bulls in Luz).

Lagos is a local center where you get the most things done. Although Quarteira is the administrative center if you are needing of official or juridical help.

Sagres – Burgau – Lagos – Portimao – Albufeira – Quarteira – Faro – Olhao – Tavira, the villages and Towns on the coastline from West to East.

There is an antique castle on the harbour entrance bringing a medieval atmosphere to the Lagos.

Harbour entrance is beautiful with the medieval castle.

The old town is picturesque with small houses and really narrow streets.

Pubs and bars for every taste.  The creek starts from the castle and continues to the fishing harbour, followed with a  huge harbour for pleasure craft.  The river (Ribeira Bensafrim) continues all the way to the village Bensafrim.

The creek is really a vivid market area for local people.

Lots of good restaurants of course, offering fish and lamb dishes. You are certainly offered to buy sunglasses and leather belts by the traders from Africa.

Monchique mountains

On the top of Monchique, spring 2011
Mountain restaurant Rampa by the road to Monchique
french fries a´la country style

Monchique can be very cold and windy. The wievs are good if the  weather is clear .

Clouds often hang under the mountain top.

The road is dangerous, people are driving like Finns in a rally.

Rampa is one of the best places to eat chicken in various forms.

Alfama, old town at the top of Lisbon

Alfama on the top
Lisbon, shopping streets

Lisbon is really interesting capital with old houses well maintained. The busy market area starting from the harbour trough the triumph. Lots of smaller shopping streets crossing the base harbour level. Deep hill climbing is mandatory here if you want to see the interesting old town areas. Here the houses are more picturesque tha well maintained. You can also take the historic trams which are running dense.

Don`t miss the old trams, it’s an unforgettable trip mixed with the locals and the tourists. The trams, busses and cars all drive together in those small streets of Lisbon old town.

Alfama on the hilltop is a paradise for those who like evening activities. Good food, bars and of course Fado places. Fado is really the thing in music here. It´s not only classic old Fado singing. Modern places with lots of young people gathering with food and Fado singers.

Praia Rocca is Portugal’s most famous beach. Huge with Limestone cliffs hanging on top of your head. Beach life at its best and when you are ready to climb from the beach you are in the middle of the nightlife with many restaurants and discos.

Praia Rocca

Praia Rocha

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