Silent Criticism

Clean Water at Cliff Richard´s wineyard

Silent criticism in my photos, how can I influence people’s thinking and point out some ideas worth considering.

The normal everyday deeds are the most important. Taking care of your neighbour or sort your scrap. You can yourself plant cuttings rather than  go shopping in garden centers or you choose between local and not global food producers.

Main concern to me is to produce more clean air and water

Taking care of our own sewage flow is essential in trying to keep the soil and the surrounding water areas clean.

Good thinking and planning, so that we find out the method best suited for our family or our community.

To transport our sewage to communal treatment is not the solution. You only forward the problem elsewhere and pollute with transporting mainly water.

Different kind of reedbeds after the coarse treatment of the sewage water is natures oldest form of water purification.

Here I found a good overall picture on the web of Reedbed operation. The first part of this system can vary. The idea is to purify the coarse particles and transport them to communal treatment or to use by yourselves as fertilizers.

Systems for pre and primary treatment of waste water. These equipments for waste water purification can easily be bought in the market.

bio purifier almost ready.jpg

There are several ways to build a waste treatment area with purification systems underneath and above the ground.

The coarse treatment part.jpg
Reed bed in mini size – after the coarse purification
Difficult construction place for the coarse treatment area

This is one solution to build coarse treatment of the sewage water and to create a modern wetland (reed bed).

Primary treatment for the sewage water

It is extremely important for every household, living  on coastal areas  to rethink and set up a better plan to take care of the sewage water.

There is also a marvellous book of  Highgrove, portrait of an estate from H.R.H Prince of Wales and Charles Clover. You find a good article how Highgrove is taking care of the sewage problem. (ISBN 1-84188-170-8).

Solar energy saves the environment from polluting the air with fossile fuels. Solar energy is free power and very effective water heater in washing and heating houses.

Different kinds of systems are available today.

Solar panels transport free energy to our needs .

Solar energy, on the contrary to compression pump from geothermal energy source  brings significant difference in temperature. Water temperature in solar panels exceeds easily 100 –  200 degrees celsius in quite simple systems.

This brings you heat.

Wood pellets

Wood chips and pellets are waste from the woodworking industry plants. Modern burners can take the most of these recycled materials.

Making wood chips at home

Most country houses have huge resources for wood blocks.


Home made wood chips are excellent for soil improvement and compost.

Less pollution with no energy transportation. Good mental heal for the body.

Branches to make wood chips

Windmills are far more complicated for family houses. You have to consider building licences and environmental aspects. Although it is important to support windmill power plants on communal level. We have to seek better energy production methods in continual improvement basis. Wind and Solar power are essential and our planet generates these permanent valuables to us.

Electric solar panels have also made a break through during the last few years. The prize is one-quarter compared to prices last decade. To produce energy with panels is today compatible to diesel generators.

Second interest to me is how to bring bread for every table

How can we bring food to every table. The table is growing rapidly.

The population is growing and the land that we use for food production is today put out to tender with Bio products aimed for energy consumption.

How can we know?  Is the soil polluted after the effective cultivation methods for different bio fuels.

Horrible news spread from companies like Monsanto. “maailman johtava yritys geenimanipuloidun viljansiemenen tuotannossa. Yritys tuottaa lajikkeita, joiden kerrotaan olevan ylivertaisia tuottavuudessaan ja rikkakasvien tai tuholaisten kestävyydessä”.

We can all make small  steps to give ourselves better food products on a small-scale.

I have recently discovered that I can easily make my own cuttings why not you?

Living on a country house I have already years cultivated my own tomatoes, salads, herbs etc. My sister provides me with different berries in many forms. Last summer I even got the first harvest of vine grapes in Finland a country between the latitudes 60 and 70.

During my trips to countries with less urban sophistication, I have noticed that the food tastes better. How come, with our effective health authorities and all. I have asked my shop owner, why vegetables taste nearly nothing today.  We want to buy and produce cucumbers that cost nothing, are straight, tomatoes that are beautifully red and round, same size of course. Tomatoes grow in plastic bags with smallest amount of dirt itself. Everything is fertilized with chemicals. On the top of that certain seeds need certain chemicals. That brings in companies like Monsanto.

Cherry tomatoes
Why not try our own plantation on a scale that suits us. Window gardening or greenhouse cultivation. We are even free to use organic fertilizers, our friends having hobbies with horses even give it to us for free.

Plastic greenhouses can be bought or built for almost no money.

Followed by a few samples.

Small plastic green houses

This spring a great success in Paris is to sell small green house systems to balconies.

Plants on a table top.

Small plastic green-houses or plastic pipe gardens

Greenhouses leaning house wall

Bigger greenhouses for fruit trees or berries.

Cultivation outdoors.

This article is a continuous process.

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