Two Rocks – Different in location and atmosphere

A reef  at the far end of Praia da Luz beach known as Rocha Negra, Black Stone.

The town Praia da Luz (“beach of light”) is in the Western Algarve, Portugal.

A small fishing village with massive limestone cliffs on eastern end of the village beach.  The ochre colour of the limestone is stunning on sunset and tidal water is giving you a great beach for walking beside  the massive cliffs, all the way to Rocha Negra.Praya da Luz and Rocca Negra

Praya Da Luz

Praya da Luz beach

Praya da Luz beach promenade

Rocky beach

Sand and clean ocean water

Rocca Negra at high tide

Luz Rocca Negra kaunis ocra ja musta

Luz Rocca Negran kuuluisa riutta


Green tiles in the sea

Approaching Rocca Negra

Rocks full of foam

Rocca Negra

The sea and the town Praya da Luz

 The Dolomites, Italia

If you drive up Passo di Sella from the south, from Canazei, to Selva, to S Cristina and finally to Castelrotto you see the most spectacular scenery in the mountainous territory of the Dolomites. The colour of the Dolomites and reflection of the sun is something completely different compared to any other European alpine areas.

Sella Massif, A completely different kind of A Rock and approach to The Dolomites, Italia

Recent article March 2013 about The Dolomites in Italy / TAP Airline magazine
Recent article March 2013 about The Dolomites in Italy / TAP Airline magazine.

  Dolomiti here we come canazei iltaauringossa näkymä itään Dolomiti Sella Massif auringon lasku.ret canazei saapuminen Dolomiiteille Dolomiti Sella Massif auringon nousu.ret Tie Dolomiiteilletif Tie dolomiiteilla Dolomiti Sellajoch Dolomitin huippuja.ret

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