Getting around the old Indian Country – Vagabundear de Isla Grande De Tierra Del Fuego

Roads, there are not many of them. There is one that goes from West (Bahia Lapataia) to the East (Estancia Harberton) on the Northbound coast of Canal Beagle. Then there is Route No 3. to North-East to Tolhuin, Rio Grande and to San Sebastian. Here you have to cross Chilean border to Onalsin and to the harbour town Provenir. Ferry connection over the Magellan straight to Punta Arenas in Chile. Punta Arenas is first european colonization here in Tierra Del Fuego.

Lago Escondido and Lago Fagnano can be seen at Garibaldi pass on Route No 3. Lago Fagnano reaches all the way to chile and almost to the Pacific Ocean. Laguna Verde at (map No 7.)

Drying wood
Drying wood

I found really beutiful sunsets at the East end of Lago Fagnano. The cold water evaporates  during warm summer days and rain showers highlights the scenery.

Khami kylpylä kämpät
Cabanas Khami

At Tolhuin by the Lago Fagnano you find some high-class recreation centers for local tourists.  (map No8.) We made long walking tours on the beautiful beach at Lake Fagnano while chilren playing and bathing in the pool compartment.$Fagnanon etelärannan sininen hetki

Ghost ship on Atlantic coast line
Ghost ship Desdemona on Atlantic coast line
Tolhiunin kylä

From Tolhuin about halfwayto Rio Grande there is a small road to the coastline running through the countryside “Estancias” to Capo de Pablo. (map No 9.) Atlantic coastline can be seen from here. There is the Desdemona shipwreck which is photographed around the world by the advertising  photographers. ǩ  n=292

Lähdossä Harbertonista
Harberton at the background

The old Estancia Harberton is worth seeing.  Today still owned by the same family that heirs to the forefathers that cultivated the country and had a huge lamb farm.

Here you have a museum of the flora and fauna or you can hear the history of the family. A nice cafe by  the coast or a modern restaurant on the hill.

Harberton even have the old garden left with herbs, vegetables and flowers.

There is a company having their two RIB:s (fast power boats)  in Harberton to take people to the island Martillo (map No 5.)to look at penguins and their nesting. This company has recently bought a bigger vessel that is intended to carry out expeditions to Cape Horn. The same company also have RIB:s in Ushuaia harbour to take you fast to Chile, to Puerto Navarino. From Puerto Navarino there is a bus connection to Puerto Williams.

Papua Penguin sleeping
Papua Penguin sleeping
Lengas in Tierra del fuego
Lengas in Harberton in Tierra del fuego

The trees (Lengas) are beautiful here because of

a constant wind bends the old trees. The road to the coastline to Cabo San Pablo is a gravel and desert. The gravel roads tells a finn to drive rally, but watch out here is a lot wild animals horses and llamas and foxes etc. and of course police stop overs.

A few video links to satisfy the hunger of speed. Don`t speed on the real road.

There is a great rally in Tierra Del Fuego, which goes from Rio Grande to Tolhuin.

I must insert a link to my Argentinian readers a brand new finnish  winter rally event with Suzuki Crosscarts. I saw some Crosscart tracks in Ushuaia.

We seem to have many similarities between the people living down here and the finns´. We both like wild nature, sailing and fast cars.

Harberton lahti
Harberton bay

The island is very beautiful but inaccessible in many places. You absolutely need to rent a boat to see the island from a distance. Trekking possibilities are good, try to find a guide who can take you to the mountains.

Cross-country skiing is popular and you find a great place for it in Tierra Mayor Valley 21 km Road N0 3.  Here you have many activities and rental systems to get the right equipment for the sports.

Never forget a great “Cordero” meal in the traditional Centro Invernal Tierra Mayor.

downhill ski resort

You can also ski in Cerro Martial almost in the town Ushuaia  Just up the road of the Claciar Martial

mapa Tierra Del Fuego
mapa Tierra Del Fuego
Beawer (Castor) Dam
Beawer (Castor) Dam
Estancia in Lago Fagnano
Estancia in Lago Fagnano
Penguins leaning towards the wind
Penguins leaning towards the wind

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