InternetCafe Photo Exhibition

InternetCafe  Photo Exhibition in Turku Hansa Shopping Center

Valokuvanäyttelyn julisteI had a very nice experience with a photo exhibition in social media. It all started with an Art Night in Turku. There were three photographers Janne Gröning, me (Jukka Pohjola) and a young photographer Laura Illarietti who had a Photo Show in an Internet Cafe in the town center. It was arranged so that we loaded the photos to the Internet Cafe´s server and made a small program to display the photos as a continuous loop in the LCD-displays. We decided to show the Pictures for a period of two months in 2011-2012. We gave a possibility to nearly 10.000 people to look at the beautiful landscapes of three photographers.

The Photos were presented in 1280 x 1024 pixel lcd-screens.

Taiteiden yön valokuvajullari

Here I show you my Photographs of the Seafront Landscapes

Published by Photo J Pohjola

Photography has always played a great roll in my life, never my business but always in every business that I have done.

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