The last corner of europe where crusaders left for the “Nueva Continente”

Cape  St. Vincent the  south-westermost corner of europe. The last cliffs of Portugal’s South-West corner are clearly seen from miles away from the ocean. The place is not far away from Rio Guadalquivir where Portugese Ferdinand Magellan left for the circumnavigation in the year 1519.

He was portuguese but sailed under the protection of a Spanish King.  He sailed with three ships  from San Lucar to Canary Islands to Kap verde and down the east coast of  South America. He anchored his ships for the winter in St.Julian bay in Southern Patagonia.  Next spring  the strait of Magellan was found. It separates Tierra del Fuego from the Argentinian mainland.  ( This was the subject for my two previous photo journeys in the Southern Indian Territory )

Later on Magellan sailed to East Indies and to Philippines where he lost his life.  His crew members brought only one ship back to Spain. This voyage proved that the earth is round.

Sagres Point lies only 3 km south-east from Cape St. Vincent. The fortress where Henry the Navigator had his famous Nautical School of  Sagres.

Sagres harbour Bay was the place where ships could wait in the lee for favourable winds that allowed them to continue their passage.

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