Atlantic Navigator journeys to the Macaronesian Islands in the Atlantic Ocean

Macaronesian islands.jpg Macaronesian islands in the Atlantic ocean are volcanic and high in altitude. The peaks reach easily to 2000 meters and over.

The island’s West of Gibraltar as Greeks called them.

All islands have almost the same vegetation, only seen here in the Macaronesia. The Portuguese islands (Azores and Madeira) are cooler and more humid, but even the Northernmost archipelago, Azores is warm due to the Golf stream. Subtropical Laurel forests with evergreen wide leafs can be seen in Azores, Madeira and also in Canaries. The Laurel forests appear from 400 – 1200 meters of altitude. The humidity concentrates and comes down the slopes by various paths.

In Madeira portuguese have built genial Levadas to transport water from the hills to the vegetation on lower slopes. Same kind of vegetation is present also in humid forests of Monchique in Southern Portugal and even in Riff mountains in Morocco.

UNESCO World Heritage Committee has named the Laurisilva (Laurel) forests in the World Heritage List in Madeira.

Many trade routes pass these harbors in Macaronesia,  – Porto Santo, Vila Baleira –  Madeira, Funchal, – Palma, Santa Cruz de La Palma – Sao Vicente, Mindelo. All these islands have been of a great importance to the ships passing from Europe to the New World. Horta in Azores is a must for transatlantic yachtsmen and sailors.

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