Photo Journeys – Atlantic Navigator

Boating with S/y Naneux,

Sea explorations mostly with my own yacht S/y Naneux, alias Atlantic Navigator

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From our first big Journey to Friesland

Year 1988 we bought S/y Naneux, a small family cruiser. The same year I stopped race sailing with my captain Make. We studied and explored the archipelago of South-West Finland for almost ten years. Our sailing trips went all along Swedish coast to the archipelago of Denmark and to the inland waterways through Sweden. The yacht Naneux was remodelled quite a lot when we returned to Finland. The hull lenght was increased with 85 cm in the waterline, Transom and the leaving edge now is better. The mast was changed to a bigger one and of course new sails. A lot minor changes where made.

Year 1999 we sailed to the North Sea to Lauersoog in Dutch Friesland, where we had our boat for three years. We explored a lot interesting places in the ” Wadden eilanden”. The tidal area in Friesland North of Holland is amazing. We once more sailed back to Finland 2003. This time I had a brake with my sailing due to my wife´s illness and I also changed my business strategies totally. Year 2013 I built S/y Naneux for Atlantic crossing. The yacht went through a major construction changes in hull and deck. We got more new sails. Running rigging was changed and of course all electrical systems where modernized. The yacht was ready for a new adventure.

Sy Naneux leaves Airisto

Stormälö – Nazare in Portugal

Sy Naneux having a break in Laxe, Finisterre
Sundowner in Baltic Sea
Sy Naneux at Las Palmas
Sy Naneux Atlantic Navigator, Photograph taken by our friend Ulf Olsson

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