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NEW CAMERA AND LENSES THAT I GOT IN JUNE 2019 Quite new camera body of Leica and one old superior quality Ernst Leitz 50 mm lens

Colour reproduction is really great with these Ernst Leitz lenses. Here you can enjoy the deep colours of the sundown and the vital colours in the Gomera mountain area.

LeicaT and old Ernst Leizt Wezlar 5cm f 2
Leica T and Super Vario Elmar TL 11-23 mm

LeicaT2 and 50 mm Ernst Leitz Summar f 1:2

Leica Super Vario Elmar TL, 11-23 mm

Half a year I survived with my Huawei Pro 20 phone camera. I still had my Nikon at home . I also made one trip to the Canaries where I only used my phone camera. A service trip to my boat. I even tried an Olympus Pen something, but for me it was a disapoinment. Finally in June I got my new street camera. Leica T and my new wide angle lens Leica Elmar aspherical zoom 11 – 23 mm. I also got an adapter ring from Kipon to my fathers old Summar 50 mm 1:2, Ernst Leiz Weztlar lens. With this set of camera and these two lenses I’m trying to get good results. The perfect optical abilities and excellent colour reproduction of these two lenses help me with the photos I want to produce. I photographed wery little with my heavy Nikon equipment this year.

This new and compact camera is fun to work with. Only the lens options are very limited and you can not use the full range of Ernst Leitzt lenses.


Looking over Airisto on early summer day
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I have to go outside to take a photograph of this scenery
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This is the view and extremely nice colours
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The night falls and gives us a complete peace in our minds
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Airisto – Blue moment
Clouds are hanging above Airisto

La Gomera

North coast of La Gomera, Playa Hermigua
Villages at North coast of La Gomera
La Garajonay
Miradora del Abrante la Garajonay
Miradora del Abrante, glassbottom wiew place
Restaurant at the top
Gomera mountains
Ancient Lauri Silva forests
Ancient Lauri Silva woods at Gomera
The most spectacular rock
Rogue de Agando

San Sebastian de La Gomera

San Sebastian de la Gomera
Central park at San Sebastian de la Gomera

Tenerife – South West Coast

Puerto Del Sur
Las Galletas, Tide is running in
Boulevard in Las Galletas

Recent Photographs taken with my trusted friend Nikon d700 and extreme tele lenses 600-1000 mm

These 3 photographs are here to make this album live. You see that wide angle photos accomplishes nicely with photos taken with tele lenses.

Archipelago spring ice blocks in sunset
Storm is howling in Airisto, spring time
This is my island in the sun

Recent Leica T Photographs this spring

This photographic album proves that my little Leica T works well with these two lenses. The new wide angle Super Vario Elmar is sharp and despite the somewhat lesser f value 3,5 – 4,5 is also satisfactory. The colour reproduction is Ernst Leitzt quality. My old 50 mm Summar with Kippon ring is working well or superb as I like to say. In bright sunlight it is a bit hard to adjust it manually with only the lcd screen. Maybe I get used to that, this old lens reproduces perfect and deep colours. The Super Vario Elmar 11 – 23 mm TL lens it is quite a fast lens that works also when shooting from a moving vehicle. The cropped cell of LeicaT is very well balanced and produces good quality pictures with vivid colours even in normal Mode.

One thing I still want when aiming is an ocular. I’ve used Nikon’s mirror reflex cameras for almost all my life and there you are looking at the “real life”. This LeicaT lcd display is bad in strong sun light and during the darkest hours. The camera has its limitations when it is set in manual mode and when having an old manual lens.

This is my old Leica body from years behind.

I started my photo engagement with this Leica camera and photographed quite a lot in my student time in Uppsala.

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