Scenery Wide Open

Here, lean back and enjoy my lens wide open photo’s

First is a set of Airisto scenery, three photos just before and just after the sunset

Soft focus foto of the sun setting behind the tree tops in Rymättylä, the archipelago of Turku. Lens flare makes a nice add to the atmosphere. Early spring moisture is tangible. Nikon D700, Nikkor 105mm 1:2 D, a famous portrait lens

Sunset over Rymättylä a minute afterwards while we still have the light of the sun over the horizon. Nikon D700, Nikkor 105mm 1:2 D lens

After a while pink and hazy sky in the horizon, early spring weather, this year. You can feel the cold seawater and the atmosphere of the whole scenery. Moisture is coming up from the sea. Nikon D700, Nikkor 105mm 1:2 D lens

Three photographs in the darkest of the night. Beach house terrace and the cliffs to the sea.

Cliffs and the sea lit by candles. There is not much light, but the reflections can still be seen from the dark water. Nikon D700, Nikkor 1:1,2 famous 50mm lens

Candle alley to the beach house at The Night of Ancient Lights. Nikon D700, Nikkor 50mm 1:1,2 lens Here you need this spectacular night vision Nikkor lens

Candle lit sea terrace of the archipelago house. Little light is available. My old 50mm night owl lens is in great need. Nikon D700, Nikkor 1:1,2 50mm lens

Sailing is my hobby. White sails and the blue sea, what more can you wish

Artistic view of a famous 8 Metre Class, Iroquois gliding in a summer breeze. On the background a Swan 43. Two iconic yachts.

Our Albin Express, S/y Xpequod close hauled in a light Breeze. This small racing boat is light and pics up even the lightest wind to accelerate fast

S/y Xpequod running ahead of thundery clouds. White sails against the dark and threatening sky. There is still a spot, open clear sky seen

Working with my boat just before the darkest times land over Finland, winter is coming and people have to move inside or even better to move to Southern latitudes

We found an old bucket of Spinnaker varnish in the boat shed, one of the best. A few decades old but perfect. This varnish brings up the right colour in the wood and the shine is spectacular. It’s autumn and one of the last nights in the water. Time to hoist the boat on the hard.

Here we go again to South as we do in many of our sailing trips. The boat is today in the Canaries where warm winds blow

S/y Naneux Alias Atlantic Navigator in Visby, early in the morning. Just arrived and the crew disappeared into the harbour. Camera X-pro1 with 35mm 1:2,0 Fujinon lens

S/y Naneux coming to Hiddensee harbour in Germany. Can you see the faces looking for the fairway to the harbour. Nikon D700 Sigma 15mm 1:2,8 lens

Our guiding light, the compass and the superior quality NKE sailing multimeter light shining bright. One Pro phone camera with Hasselblad lenses

Now we are in Southern latitudes, sun is up and we hear the music play, beautiful ladies and a cold Jarra on the table!

New year 2023 and the party goes on in the hotel complexes in Puerto San Miguel, Tenerife. Fireworks light the sky. The night is warm and life is smiling. In the darkest hours, dog watch as we sailors say, some humidity on deck this New Years eve. January in the mornings normally 80 – 90% humidity but it goes down to 60 – 70% when the sun comes up and warms up the surroundings

Thank you for watching my photos

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