Scenery Wide Open

Here, lean back and enjoy my lens wide open photo’s First is a set of Airisto scenery, three photos just before and just after the sunset Soft focus foto of the sun setting behind the tree tops in Rymättylä, the archipelago of Turku. Lens flare makes a nice add to the atmosphere. Early spring moistureContinue reading “Scenery Wide Open”

Leica T Camera

NEW CAMERA AND LENSES THAT I GOT IN JUNE 2019 Quite new camera body of Leica and one old superior quality Ernst Leitz 50 mm lens Colour reproduction is really great with these Ernst Leitz lenses. Here you can enjoy the deep colours of the sundown and the vital colours in the Gomera mountain area.Continue reading “Leica T Camera”

Year 2019 photo’s

My photos – My thoughts – My life – My sailing trips – My new Leica T – My Ernst Leitzt lens   This year started for me with a Heavy Heart. my dear passed away.   Early morning 22.1.2019 was exeptionally beautifull full moon quided my dear.     Spring arrives with beautifull Swan family. Continue reading “Year 2019 photo’s”